Monday, June 01, 2015

Lindsey Graham announces for president: he told me he'd never do that.

Back in the halcyon days when I mistakenly believed party politics actually mattered and parties actually stood for something (back in the year 2000, to be precise) I was at the Whatcom County Lincoln Day Dinner, doing that GOP State Executive Director thing, when I met Lindsey Graham who was their guess speaker.

(Strange, isn't it?  Other counties find a way to get nationally known political figures to speak at their Lincoln Day Dinners while the Clark County GOP has, for decades, marched the same types of low-level, never-heard-of-them speakers through their dinners without being able to attract political talent that actually makes an impact in the world today.

It's almost like they can't find them anywhere.  Or is it, instead, that they don't bother to try?)

ANYwho, Graham gave a speech.  It was a very well done effort; clearly he knows what he's talking about; he is (or was) an Air Force Reserve Colonel (JAG) while serving as a US Senator.  His words cogently covered a wide variety of subjects both domestically and in the foreign policy realm, if memory serves he spoke without notes and certainly without a teleprompter.

When the speech was over, I approached him and asked him if he was ever going to run... or, in fact, was going to run for president.

He looked almost incredulous at the idea.

"I tell you what: if I do, you can chair my campaign.  But I'm never going to do that," or words to that effect.

Never, Senator?

I have no interest in ever being involved in any one's campaign again.  But "Never" is a loooong time.

I don't believe Graham stands a chance.  While he's the epitome of "GOP Establishment RINO" types that have done such a wonderful job of screwing up this country, he's got no big pot of cash and he's way behind the curve in logistics and name familiarity.

His area of the party is already owned by Jeb Bush and Rubio.  Can he elbow his way into that crowd and make a difference?


I have zero idea of what might have possessed Graham with the idea that he should run except to use the relatively brief platform he'll be given as a way to raise the profile of his ideas and views.

But the base will not coalesce around him or any other RINO.  So his candidacy, like that of so many others, is a waste of time... win OR lose the nomination.

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