Monday, June 01, 2015

How much longer is the "Women in Combat" scam going to play?

Every female that attempted Ranger School failed.

I give them props for making the effort, I suppose.  But their exit, sans lowered standards, was a foregone conclusion.

There was simply no way a woman was going to make it.

And if the standards are not dropped, there never will be.  But don't be surprised when they are.  After all, that "I am woman, hear me roar" crap has to be played out, right?

As it is now, the military is rife with fake equality.

No female serving has ever had to meet the male standards... the lowest male standards, as far as that goes.

The idea that now, because of Obama's pen and his cell phone, females magically could pass these tasks is as absurd as the vast majority of his policies.

Remember this idiocy? (Pay close attention to the guy strolling in front of her.)

As a commissioned officer, she should be ashamed of herself.

She was in absolutely no condition to do her job after crossing the line.  She was carrying a light pack.  She desecrated her weapon by using it as a crutch.

In short, while she was lionized for barely making it over a line BECAUSE OF HER REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, what should we do in the event the haji's hit us with an ambush the moment she crossed the line and collapsed?

12 miles.  35 pounds and a 7 pound weapon.

You have to be able to do 12 pounds with a 60 pound ruck AND a weapon just to start the Ranger course.

The average rifleman (Leg Infantry) carries 91 pounds of equipment.

Women in Combat?

Women in the Ranger Battalions or even surviving the school?

One day, we'll get a commander-in-chief with a clue.  And this country can begin to set about to repair the damage inflicted by a little worm who despises the military and an Administration that believes Obamaphones are much more important than the security of this nation.

And for those of you women who happened to make it to this part of my little essay and are, perhaps, outraged at my "sexist" comments?

Let me know when the last time was that you rioted in the streets for the "privilege" of registering for the draft.

And if you actually tripped and stumbled into a uniform, let me know when you demanded to be judged by the male PT standard.

I know... I know... the silence is deafening.

But my time in Combat Arms taught me one thing for certain:

A bullet don't care.

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