Sunday, May 31, 2015

In the democrat's view: do it our way.

Ahhh, yes.


Of course, in this state's government and in the democratian's view, compromise has one meaning: do it the leftist way.

That, of course, is why both the rag... and the left... demand that the legislature kow-tow to the Supreme Court on McCleary.  Clearly, the daily dud wants the GOP to move to the left.

Otherwise, they'd be pounding on the left to pass a budget WITHOUT raising taxes... and I must have missed that part.

First of all, like any other governmental body, the legislature can take whatever time they need to do what must be done.

Nothing was presented by the rag today to justify anything they wrote.

The Legislature is certainly in a position to implement something approaching the Federal Congress's "continuing resolution."

A short term budget pending additional action; a budget exactly like the last biennium's budget to keep the doors open.  It's not like the money isn't there.

The lie that government has to "shut down" if the GOP fails to cave in a timely manner is just that: a lie.

The whining about the budget process of various agencies and so forth is no reason to do anything: agencies can double budget just like I do.

There are two plans on the table.  Budget for both, plus or minus them when the final budget is done.

How is that so damned difficult?

It isn't.

That the moron who wrote the editorial for today (Whoever that anonymous individual is) used THIS language:
Republicans who hold sway in the state Senate and are clinging to a no-new-taxes pledge...
When he could have written
"Democrats who hold sway in the state House and are clinging to a jack-up-taxes pledge..."
Did it deliberately to blame the GOP.

See, words have meaning.  In this case, both are absolutely true.  But who gets the negative connotation?

The GOP.

It's like Johnny Cockroach was still running the show on the editorial page.

But here's the thing:

There is no hurry.

If the Legislature was hurtling towards the GOP side, the left would be imploding.

They would rather get some victory in the name of politics than take the GOP side and spare the taxpayers, already raped over the amount we're paying now.

There's no way we're getting off Scott-free.  That same "clinging" Senate has screwed us sideways by corrupting their own rules, jacking up the gas tax, making sure there's no referendum clause and... AND... adding an emergency clause to make it even harder for the people to have a say before it's implemented.

The left will throw something out there that even they know is absurd and toss it out there deliberately, counting on getting half of what they asked for in the first place... and then call that "compromise," have played the ignorant media and the pliable GOP like a violin.

Everyone up there has a part in the drama, but it's a long-held and established pattern and the gutless, corrupt Senate GOP won't do anything to change it.

The Senate screwing us is obvious.  That they will cave is also obvious: that's what the GOP does, that's what the GOP does at EVERY level, and while leftist worms like Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller will couch it in terms of "compromise," make no mistake:  there's a difference between "compromise" and "caving."

Of course, the Supreme Court could just shut down the Legislature and take over... kind of like they're trying to take over the part involved with McCleary.

There's no way they can force the legislature to legislate on McCleary or anything else as far as that goes, but the Court won't care if the legislature dutifully complies.  And since the Court's taken control of the school funding mechanism, there's no end to what they can take control over.

In this case, as always. "compromise" means "doing it the left's way."

And the Senate GOP will... it's just going to be a matter of degree.

If the GOP Senate really wants compromise, they should offer up another version of the budget with every dime in the House budget deducted from the Senate budget.

For example, right now, the rag tells us that the Leftist House wants around $38.8 Billion and the GOP Senate wants $38 billion.

So, the Senate releases a new proposal pegged at $37.2 billion, making $38 billion the "compromise" number.

Let's remember, gang, we're talking about adding almost $5 BILLION to the budget of a mere 2 years ago.  Where does it stop?  When is "enough," enough?

Meanwhile, the leftists generally and the rag particularly will do all they can to assist in the ongoing rape of the taxpayers, minus the newspaper's tax break, of course.  And they'll do it by lying, exaggerating and misrepresenting the situation.

Kind of like they did today.

I take a different view:  After all, what's the worst that can happen?  A government shut down?

God... I hope so.

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