Monday, May 04, 2015

WIth the inevitable ISIS attack in Texas, it's decision time: sheep... or sheep dog?

So yesterday, two ISIS affiliated/derived scum tried to massacre a few folks in Garland, Texas.

I have been calling for the destruction of ISIS since they first surfaced in any numbers.  I've been calling for the return of full, combat ground forces to the Iraq area with the express purpose of hunting these scum and their supporters down no matter where they may be, along with the destruction of Iran's military as a viable force.

That strategy, of course, would require someone occupying the White House who didn't have his testicles in a jar his wife firmly controlled, who did not despise the US military, who wasn't a coward and increasingly obvious, a terrorist sympathizer.

That said, the question remains:

Are YOU going to be one of the sheep?

Or one of the sheep dogs?

Remember the increasingly accurate assessment that when seconds count, police are only seconds away did not apply in this particular instance because the police anticipated trouble and were located in such a way that these slime were dropped within feel of their car.

Kudos to the men and women of the Garland Police Department.

But this isn't really about the GPD... or Garland.

This is about you.  It's about here.  It's about now.

Obama's failures in foreign and domestic policy are directly at fault here.  His failure has become America's failure. 
Monday, June 16, 2014 
Where's the leftist outrage over Obama's abysmal failure in Iraq? Remember their freak-out over Abu Ghraib? 
We are going to have to go back.  We are going to have to reassert ourselves into the region.  We cannot abandon our position in the world so that Obama and the clowns around him can buy the votes of the poor and the ignorant by keeping them enslaved with Obamaphones.  We must go back and finish it there... or we are going to have to fight it out with ISIS over here, given the essentially complete lack of security and common sense of the president.
And now... now they are here and they are active.

What can you do about it?

1.  If you're not armed... get armed.

Play time is over.  Get armed.  Get a rifle.  Get a hand gun.  Get a rifle AND a hand gun.  Get more than one.

Get over your philosophical leftist niceties and GET A GUN.



When considering these things, consider that very few terrorist targets believe they are going to be attacked.

2.  While I would find it difficult to defend any anti-gun whack job, I probably would do so depending on the circumstance.

You see, leftists hate guns, by and large, and they revel in the slaughter of the children at Sandy Hook and the students/professors at Virginia Tech and the Boulder Movie Theater.

They use those episodes to punish those of us who follow the law when it comes to our weapons.

One man or woman with a gun could have dramatically changed the outcome in all of those situations.  One.

No one in a movie theater expects to get shot.  No one in a classroom expects to get shot.  No elementary school teacher expects to get shot.

But that's the thing, you see: this isn't ABOUT the "expected."  This is about the UNexpected.

Get a firearm... or two.  I am shopping for an AR15/M16/M4 type rifle right now, because its the weapon I know better than any other.

Be prepared to defend yourself.  Be prepared to defend your family.  Be prepared to defend your neighbors; make equally sure that your neighbors are prepared to defend you.

That's the nature of the sheep dog, you see.

I carry EVERYWHERE I GO... and so should you.


You can't call for help if you don't know, with a certainty, where you are.  While you can be found, perhaps, by a GPS signal or triangulating cell towers... all of those take the thing you don't have for help to be relevant: time.

In a restaurant or a movie theater, I always know where the exits are and I do my best to avoid sitting with my back to the entrance(s).

If I had the money, I'd start setting up ranges, gun shops, instruction (classroom and tactical) and make a killing (So to speak.)

There's a reason Clark Rifles has a years-long waiting list.  And with the advent of ISIS attacks, the need for these facilities will finally become so obvious that hopefully, the market will respond.

Meanwhile, the leftists continue to do all they can to take our weapons away from us, because their concern is not our security... which is their beloved government's function, but to make us less secure so we will depend on government even more.

So... what's it going to be, readers?

Are you going to be a victim?  Are you going to be one of the sheep?

Or one of the sheep dogs?

(I totally expect Obama to send representatives from the White House to the terrorist's funeral)

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