Sunday, May 03, 2015

A chat with Mike Pond. Or his moronic campaign web page.

Pond is one of the C3G2-style haters that come along every now and then that we could well do without.

Best known for being the scumbag who tried to defeat all the GOP candidates last cycle by illegally vandalizing campaign signs with "Endorsed by David Madore."

Like most of the fringe-left nutburgers, they foolishly see themselves as mainstream, and, well, the local variety stupidly believe that any connection with Madore guarantees that candidate's defeat.

Of course, almost all, if not all of the campaigns this slimeball tried to attack won.  And, equally, the campaigns this slimeball worked were obliterated at the polls... (Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Maureen "Bully" Loserham.)

So, he's trying to bring his fringe-left view into government.  As he appears to be a Marxist, however, I don't see it as a good fit.

His excuse of a campaign web page tells us:

Clark County has always been my home. I love it here, and I’m continually motivated to make this beautiful corner of Washington a better place to live.

Well, he could actually easily accomplish that by moving to Portland.

It would save us all a lot of time, effort and energy.

Lying about the status of Clark County doesn't get him anywhere.

He tells us:
Clark County is on the edge of exciting growth, but is struggling to meet the needs of its residents. With food deserts, crumbling roads, and a new alternative land use plan encouraging suburban sprawl, it’s time to talk about smarter community and economic development.
I've got to wonder: in his mind, what, exactly, is a "food desert?"  Where are these "crumbling roads?" (Outside of the Vancouver soviet, I mean... they're taxing people broke and their roads still suck.)  But everything about the Soviet is crumbling... so what else is new and how would electing him change any of that?)  And if he doesn't like the land plan, wouldn't he be better off gathering the 30,000 or so signatures required to put the question onto the ballot instead of just being on the losing end of several council votes?

Pond babbles incessantly about what has been and should be discussed by the council.  There's NOTHING he can do about that, even if elected.  So why is he troweling out that crap?

And this simple idiot STILL doesn't get that the people of his prospective council district specifically and the people of this county generally DO NOT WANT HIS CRC/LOOT RAIL SCAM.

Not a lot about budgets or taxes, which he would miss no opportunity to increase... because that's the nature of the Maoist style leftist so favored by our local left.

But I urge this slimeball and his running buddy, Chuckie Green to keep pushing this garbage.

It shows they, too will ignore the will of the people on any number of issues in the unfortunate event of their election, just like Steve Stuart.

I give Pond some credit though: he makes no bones about it.

His brand of neo-communism would be a good fit for the Vancouver Soviet... or downtown Moscow, Russia.

Clark County?

Not so much.

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