Sunday, May 03, 2015

When your mayor is a moron: Baltimore

Regular readers are well aware of the disdain I have for the utterly corrupt mayor of the Vancouver Soviet.

The man lied to get into office and has lies to stay in office, disregarding the people every chance he gets.  He has sold out our community to TriMet... and stupidly thinks that Clark County exists to go along with whatever his program happens to be.

Compared to that empty-suited racist bigot running Baltimore, however, he's on par with Winston Churchill.

Baltimore is a community where THE second highest per-student expenditure in the COUNTRY is the standard (Just over $18,000 per student) with a 15.75 teacher-student ratio... yet, only 16% of the 8th graders even read at grade level.

This is a woman who wanted to give her fellow black racists room to "destroy," and who ordered the police department to "stand down" and allow that destruction to take place.

And now, with riots continuing, this simple, race-based example of affirmative action has rescinded the nighttime, citywide curfew.

Not because the rioting has stopped and something approaching order has been returned to that manure pit, but because the rioters find the curfew to be inconvenient.

Now we can add Baltimore to the growing list of minority run, democrat-entitlement, it's always someone else's fault, ghettos.

Detroit.  Chicago.  New York.  Baltimore.

Run by people who actually do believe that the terrorist problem CAN be solved by another in the unending series of jobs programs that enrich the few, solve nothing and cost millions of wasted taxpayer dollars.

Well done, Mayor Rawlings.

You clueless, racist, idiot.

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