Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why the education town hall in the 18th will be a waste of time.

First and foremost, Brandon "Lumpy" Vick will be there to nod at anything Sen. Ann Rivers says.

But what's going to likely happen here is the same thing that happened after Liz Pike's famous (and accurate) Facebook post concerning teachers.

That is, when Liz held a town hall meeting at her district office in Camas, the teachers muscled their way in and took over the meeting.

Oppose their perspective, and there's no end to the invective aimed your way.

There's an expectation of a larger turnout, based on the locations for these get togethers.

But the teachers will invade the meeting and make sure that they threaten and cajole Rivers and Vick... not that there's anything Vick can or will do about any of it... and the teachers will do what they always do: make demands, whine, snivel and, lets be honest about it... they will lie their ass off about how much they make, how bad they've got it... and continue to run the utterly false narrative that because the Supreme Court has made a huge attempt to rip away a chunk of legislative authority by holding up a mythical hoop, legislators are required to jump through it like this is the USSR Soviet instead of a co-equal branch of government... even though that's simply untrue.

So, since the teachers are going to dominate these meetings, there's really no point in going to them.

Nothing the legislators can say will change any teacher's mind since it's all about more cash in the teacher's pockets, and nothing the teachers can say will make any difference to the legislators who first, have already made up their minds and second, won't make any difference in Lumpy's case anyway because he's got the throw weight of a Frisbee and is buried as a wallflower in the minority.

After all, anybody who has to lie about the number of committees he's on to get reelected is an object to be pitied... not one to be sought after to make any difference in outcomes.

So, in the end, this will be a massive waste of time, accomplishing nothing except to give these union scum another platform to verify that, apparently, teachers had no idea what the pay and benefits were either while they were going to school to become a teacher or what the job paid before they agreed to take it... like the pay and benefits were, somehow, some big surprise after they rolled into work.

Teachers, who just last week proved they didn't give a rat's ass about kids by abandoning them so they could stay home and watch Jerry Springer or whatever, will only accept what's best for teachers... regardless of what we want.

There will be yelling, whining, bitching and moaning over how tough they've got it, how overworked, put upon and underpaid they are... and face it, that's all they give a damn about.

But then, I see charts like this:

And my heart just pumps purple concrete for these prima donnas.

So, for those going, I hope the cops bring enough mace to control everyone.


karl said...

I love how I am looking at "keep it civil folks" after I read your incompetent diatribe. But so it goes with you... No substance just attack. You really should get you facts checked on what a teacher really makes. You should also read our state constitution and understand when it says our paramount duty is to education that it actually means something and if you don't follow the laws then the courts must intervene. Finally, what is your solution? You speak of whining but that is all you seem to do. Typical extremist, lots of complaining but no real answers.

Just a guy said...

Karl… you seem just the tiniest bit miffed.

Tisk, tisk.

Here’s the thing: THE first rule of this blog is a simple concept, easy enough that even you can understand it: Don’t like what I write or how I write it?

Don’t read it.

No one forces anyone to come here for anything. I don’t make a dime off of this, I’m responsible for everything I write, I write because I feel like it and you can feel free to exercise your option to not read it.

The concept of “civility” is, apparently, lost on you, along with focus, relevance and the issue at hand.

Strongly stated positions, to include the well-earned contempt I have for unionist thugs infesting our government… including teachers… doesn’t violate that request.

Now, if I were to refer to you as an arrogant, narcissistic asshole that doesn’t care what anyone not a member of the WEA… and certainly us poor suckers forced to pay your salary for the garbage so many of you pump out… thinks or has to say, well, that might qualify as a violation.

But far be it from me to refer to you as that.

I only spent 6 years on legislative staff, and I am a taxpayer who has to earn a living by working roughly 320 days or so a year from the private sector. So, I’ve never deluded myself into thinking I’m anything special or that I should get guaranteed pay raises regardless of how fucked up my end product is… unlike you… so, having lived, breathed and ate this state’s constitution, I can ask, at least euphemistically, since I’m not nearly the expert… the self deluded expert… that you claim to be on the subject of what the Supreme Court of this state can or cannot do; what the meaning of “paramount duty” (which no where is reduced to dollars) actually means, or the concept of the Courts of this state forcing the legislature to abrogate their authority when no such pathway exists.

Courts cannot enforce laws, they can only interpret them. But you knew that, right?

As unfortunate as it may be for you, YOU work for US, not the other way around. YOU answer to US, not the other way around.

None of that is present in your rant, of course: teacher arrogance is legendary for that kind of crap. Hell, last year at a town hall meeting, one of you morons actually told me that she did NOT work for me, the one who pays her salary, but instead, she worked for the children… the ones who don’t pay shit.

I stand by my position on McCleary, as explained here:

You will disagree, of course; your sense of entitlement combined with your sense of victimization and location on a pedestal won’t allow the facts to interfere with your self-serving, pay-me-more-money conclusion.


Just a guy said...

When it comes to substance, my substance doesn’t have tenure, has to actually produce, and actually answers to those who pay me… or else my 12 year old business would end.

Unlike teachers, of course.

My solution?

Simple: The Legislature can do whatever it likes on the issue of school funding.

If they fail, the only judges who matter… the ones who cast ballots each November… will make THEIR ruling… instead of being at the mercy of 9 elves from Puget Sound who can make the law into a pulled pork sandwich if they desire, let alone an extension of their agenda if they feel like it.

On the contrary, my good fellow: YOU are the one whining here… you and your fellow underpaid, put upon and over-worked egomaniacs who apparently became teachers in a vacuum, completely ignorant of the pay, benefits, retirement or conditions of the job before you took.

I, you see, do not abandon my children for more money.

Teachers do that, you see.

As for teachers, any teacher who engages in the type of activities that brought all of this on should be fired and lose their teaching credential in Washington State.

That’s a real answer, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, in all of your spew, you don’t dispute anything I wrote when it comes to Vick, union muscle, intimidation, victimization, lying about their pay and how tough they’ve got it… and yet YOU accuse ME of lacking “real answers?”


Remember, karl, if what I write or believe is so offensive to you that it bends you so far out of sorts, you can always feel free to exercise your option of not reading it.

Thanks for stopping by.