Friday, May 22, 2015

Democratian gets back into the "demanding resignation" business.

I remember the good old days, almost 20 years ago.

I was then Rep. Marc Boldt's Legislative Assistant.  I bore the brunt in that office of then democratian editor Tommy "The K" Koenninger's efforts to get Boldt to resign over his successful efforts to slash the Columbia River Gorge Commission's budget.

I was the one answering the calls and the letters... thought there weren't all that many.  Back then, even leftists could think for themselves.

Quoting Koenninger here:
"He should resign before his constituents do it for him."
That idiocy on Tommy's part showed the same firm grasp on local politics that his replacement, Lefty Lou Brancaccio shows.

Both of us received death threats as a result of Tommy's jihad: never reported at Marc's orders, but I started carrying a then borrowed .45 for protection in the district office.

So, here's the thing: I STRONGLY supported... and continue to support... Marc's efforts to get rid of the Gorge Commission.  I find it abhorrent to the Constitution; and the idea that I need to seek a board's permission to paint my house a different color is absurd on it's face... but that's precisely what you have to do if you live in the Scenic Area, because, in large part, the Commission is unable to differentiate between "visually subordinate" (What the Act calls for) and "completely invisible," which is what the Commission typical attempts to achieve.

What was the result of the rag's idiotic demand?

Well, every time the rag opposed Boldt, including after Tommy The K threw his little snit... he won. He was re-elected THAT election with a large majority, and he was reelected several times after that.  In fact, it was only after his politics shifted so far to the left that the local GOP kicked Boldt out

So now, for the EXACT SAME REASONS... namely, because Lefty Lou opposes the oil terminal, the scumbag running the Lazy C is demanding the resignation of the Port Commissioners.

The hypocrisy of it?

If they had done the exact same thing to KILL any such agreement for an oil terminal, this exact same rag of hypocrites would be lauding their efforts.

That's the situational ethics the scumbag running that show is known for.


Hell, no.  They ought to run for county councilor.


Like the lying scum at the rag have any room to talk.

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