Friday, May 22, 2015

C3G2 Hater scum congregate around legislative screw up on Vancouver Business Journal.

Face it, the legislators screwed up by ganging up on the Councilor Madore because he's raised the possibility of cutting funding to another member of the downtown mafia.

At the end of the day, what the county does or does not do is not legislative business. 

Further, does publicly smacking Madore make him less likely... or more likely... to demand the cut in question?

We all know the answer to that.

I appreciate that everyone wants a piece of the authoritarian pie.

The Supreme Court is bluffing their way into stripping legislative authority for the McCleary scam, and now a bunch of legislators are sticking their nose into something under the color of their office that is, in reality, none of their business.

There's a system in place.  Madore is but a single vote.  Somehow, according to the fringe-left haters... and now our local legislators... he's lost his ability to express that opinion or those concerns.

He may win on this... and he may lose on this, but regardless, it's none of the legislature's business, win OR lose; they delegated the ultimate authority to distribute this money to the county legislative body so the decision is up to them.

This letter doesn't change any of that, of course, and actually likely serves to strengthen Madore's resolve on the matter.  But then, I suppose much of this is based on who you know.

Naturally, the leftist scum congregating at C3G2are dumping their loads of manure under the letter.

But they'd have nothing to babble about if our local legislators had stayed out of it.

Like they should have.

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