Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cut CRUDC funding.

Never been a big fan of CRUDC, since they hit the double of lying their collective ass off on the CRC/Loot Rail scam and dumped that utterly absurd economic study of $200 million in economic benefits on the ballpark scam on us as if it was anything but pure, unadulterated, fantasy.

Clearly, as a charter member of the downtown mafia, CRUDC is one of the many left-leaning groups that could care less what the people of this community want.

To me, then, it's simple: CRUDC can take any damned position they please.

But not with my money.

Here's the thing: they've accomplished next to nothing except to provide the select few with big pay checks.  We'd muddle along perfectly well if they vaporized tomorrow.

After all, like any of the other CRC Scammers, they lied when they warned us that no company would EVER want to move or develop in SW Washington if the CRC scam wasn't built.

And how true has that been?

So, by all means: cut them off.  They won't be missed, but if they insist on acting like a union, they can do it on private money.

If they insist on ignoring the will of the people of this county, then they can do it on their own and their own dime.

Simple, really.

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