Tuesday, May 26, 2015

GOP steps in the event the Supreme Court overturns this obviously unconstitutional Obamacare.

The idiotic idea that the GOP has to do ANYTHING to save these subsidies is just that: idiotic.

Does anyone realistically believe that most who would be impacted by this outcome vote GOP regardless?  It's not unlike worrying about the hispanic vote when they're going to vote their race every time... and the illegal alien vote will go dem... every time.

There's nothing the GOP can do about that so they shouldn't even try.

Running around in a panic to take ownership of this stupidity is EXACTLY what the dems want.  As it is now, the GOP has mostly clean hands on this extortion.  The idea that the GOP MUST act to save subsidies in the event they're tossed is the exact thing they should NOT do.

What's the worst that can happen?  People getting screwed by Obamacare will suddenly see the dems as the way, the truth and the light?

The vast majority of those impacted by this outcome are as likely to vote GOP as an illegal alien voter, or an Obamaphone voter.

That the GOP should panic is clear.  That they likely will?

Equally clear.

That said, Obamacare is unconstitutional.

It's BEEN unconstitutional since it was rammed down our throats by the founders of the Ku Klux Klan Party.

My "free" medical care that costs me 4 figures a year through the VA in copays would have cost me $9000 a year in premiums with a $9000 deductible and a $250 per visit copay.

Without the VA, such as it is, I would be breaking the law because I cannot afford to waste almost $20,000 a year to pay for the leftist fantasy of Obamacare.

The reality is that the government can no more force me to buy any commodity than they can levitate.

It's not unlike most government lies, when it comes right down to it.

But that issue may be partially addressed with today's Supreme Court ruling.

Of course, media and the democrats are already blaming the GOP for the outcome, whatever it may be, because as that White House moron has shown, he really doesn't give a damn about the constitution save for it's multiple ply toilet paper uses.  That ti was an unconstitutional bill, written and implemented by leftists will not be the subject of discussion: that it will result in a few million people suddenly being forced to do what the rest of us have to do... pay for our insurance without subsidy... will be "blamed" on the GOP.

So, what does the pantie-waste GOP do about it?

That there seems to be no plan on what to do is typical of the RINO-confusion and incompetence blind support of milquetoast leftists using the Republican banner for political purposes (Not unlike Greg Kimsey, for example) the lack of a coherent message and plan in the face of the likely outcome is typical of the high level of incompetence the GOP is typically known for.

There are only so many possible outcomes.  The GOP SHOULD have been capable of anticipating most any of them, planning for all of them, and implementing the plan immediately after whatever the decision is reaches the public.

But it's like so many other aspects of governance that seems so alien to the GOP: issues and actions that seem self-evident to the blindest political student seem to make as much sense as Sanskrit to those in the GOP.

The criticality of anticipating these possible outcomes at all levels down to the county cannot be overstated.

But if the Supreme Court declares this element of Obamacare unconstitutional as many expect, then what?

Well, if the GOP was competent, that answer would already be known and those impacted systems already in place.

What should they do?

What can they do?

Well, what they SHOULD do is come up with a plan to undo/eliminate Obamacare over a period of time... say, 12 months.

They SHOULD implement a system of coverages that keeps the government out of it.  When has the government EVER taken over part of the private sector and made it "better?"

The GOP should have been working on the alternative for years.  It should have been stuffed in the can, ready to go, for this very thing.

1.  Make a determination of what is constitutionally required.

What does that critical document say about providing universal health care?

Nothing.  The Founding Fathers never anticipated a blithering idiot running the show or a Congress that would willingly screw up the entirety of our health care system.

2.  Every element of the health care system that has been taken over by these morons should be sunsetted over the next 12 months with time limits along the way.

First, eliminate the "mandatory" element.

The vast majority of the uninsured remain uninsured: get rid of the idiocy of this being required.

Second, unwind the IRS enforcement of the mandatory nature of this crime.

3.  Make the private sector competitive.

Allow health insurance to cross state lines exactly like car insurance.

Enable the private sector to set up health care menu coverage.

The stupidity of EVERY individual requiring maternity coverage... including me... is as artificial and moronic as declaring women to be a minority because of their gender when the numbers clearly show something completely different.

Meanwhile, the leftist scum who thought so highly of this rip off should be identified and tossed out of office.

Locally, that fringe-left nutjob running for county councilor, Dalesandro, creamed his jeans at the thought of this unconstitutional idiocy being implemented with his slavish devotion to the White House scumbag.

He should be hearing it.  Like the CRC Scam, every democrat running anywhere should be held accountable for this rape of our Constitution and the American people.

Will the GOP do ANY of that?

Of course not.

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