Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another typical democratian screw up: Veteran's Day really isn't in September.

The daily rag once again shows off it's level of worthlessness.

Of course this garbage was written by a typically leftist, ignorant non-serving pogue.

But to not even know that Veteran's Day is the 11th of November EVERY YEAR is to show you were too fucking lazy to get up and go look at a damned CALENDAR.

THAT is the level of low-rent journalism I've come to expect from this horrific waste of wood pulp.
It is neither more nor less significant than Veterans Day, which is observed in early September and recognizes all those who have served in the military.
And, of course, whoever wrote the idiotic line in question is full of crap.

Yeah, unlike the slimeball who wrote this tripe, I served my country for many years.  In fact, for every 10 years I've been alive, I spent over a year serving overseas.  (6 years and 3 months) so  I get the whole Memorial Day/Veterans Day thing.  Clearly, the clown who wrote this garbage and the editor of it did not/does not.

Veteran's Day salutes our service.  But service, in and of itself, comes no where close to providing the ultimate sacrifice that has resulted in Memorial Day.

It is MUCH more "significant" than Veteran's Day.  Immeasurably so.

But to expect an ignorant, non-serving dillwad to understand either the difference or the nuance is to expect this despicable rag to tell the truth about ANYTHING.  And I gave that up years ago.

Somebody should be fired over this.  It's offensive and it cheapens the day for those of us who served and those who've given the sacrifice the writer clearly does not understand.


Credit Lew Waters.

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