Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mussolini Mikey Briggs jams his foot in his mouth up to his knee.

As readers know, Mussolini Mikey Briggs had THE worst showing against THE weakest incumbent of anyone running for election to the legislature in Clark County last cycle.

An arrogant narcissist along the lines of both Benito Mussolini and his other hero, Barack Obama, no one was more clueless about the district they were running to represent than ol' Mussolini.

A rabid CRC/Loot Rail scammer with no lie he would not tell, Briggs and his positions were thoroughly repudiated at the polls, earning him the sobriquet "Mr. 36%."

Continuing to show his rank political stupidity and his "I'm the smartest guy in the room" attitude, this moron left the following comment under the whinefest article in the democratian over the teacher snivelfest masquerading as the waste of time "education town hall" meetings where the local slime acting like teachers could burn Sen. Ann Rivers at the stake while Rep. Lumpy Vick took cover under the nearest table.
Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · CEO at Ex-Candidate WAI know of two people who tried to do something for the teachers, the students and the schools and stood up directly against Rep. Vick and Rep. Pike but could not gain enough votes nor enough interest from the registered voters to get elected. Maybe in 2016 Sen. Rivers, Rep. Pike and Rep. Vick will have challengers that will have better success and WILL stand up for our children and our Education System here in WA State.
Reply · 6 · May 24 at 9:32am
It takes a special kind of political scum to blame the voters for any outcome.

And it takes a particularly retarded world view to suggest that running again, or running scum like Mussolini or the pathologically lying "Bully" Loserham would be successful on THIS issue since few agree that the taxpayer should be ritually bent over and screwed by Mussolini's ilk to help fill the coffers of the WEA that he enslaved himself to... and want to enslave us all to.

In the end, both of these political clowns cemented their subservience to their WEA masters.  And in the end, BOTH of these scum were crushed at the polls in an embarrassing way.

Both the teachers and their education plant are a disgrace, Musso's slavish devotion to them notwithstanding.

And someone so thoughtless, so clueless and so arrogant as Mikey shouldn't be elected 3rd grade hall monitor.

While Rivers may find herself dealing with a primary challenge from the right as a result of her inexplicable pro-gas tax meme, no one but the fringe-left and the self-flagellating teachers will be upset with her positions on ripping our wallets out and emptying them into teacher's purses.

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