While we can all split the hairs in half on the money and funding statement Marc makes, we must see the other statements as split facts too.
Here, she simply lies for Marc.  He did not "split hairs."  He lied.  He knows he was wrong, he's done nothing to retract his lie, it wasn't a mistake, it was a lie.  It's sad to see Crain blow off a lie of someone she supports merely by calling it "splitting hairs."
The statement regarding violations or improper hiring procedures has been proven to be unfounded. While the "Benton" hiring scandal was much played by the media and opponents as a violation it was in fact not one so I think it is time to put that to rest. 
That much is true.
As far as the lawsuits are concerned there were plenty of expensive settlements which have taken place for violations and issues which occurred during Marc's time on the board and have been finally resolved. That being said there are new ones in the mix which may be what he is referring to. Probably would have been best to leave them out along with the budget statement since the budget has actually been reduced post his era on the board. 
As is that.
That being said he has many things to his credit of which to be proud. While he was in office he saw the beginning of many years of "frozen" property tax increases come about. He and Mielke both voted well on those. 
That is simply untrue.
Boldt voted to raise property taxes 6 out of the 8 years he was in office.  How Crain figures that's "voting well" is beyond my comprehension.
In fact, Boldt actually campaigned FOR the horrific and unneeded CRC sales tax increase scam by engaging in an illegal robo-call shortly before the election.
He also voted to take the CRC to a vote while on the C-tran[sic] board as a commissioner along with Mielke. 
Again, untrue.

Mielke made several motions to put the issue to a vote and Marc refused to ever second those motions.  Further, Marc promised me that he, personally, would make sure an advisory vote took place in the November, 2010 election.  That never happened, because after telling me he would do it, he repeatedly told me that such a vote would be unconstitutional, no matter how much I disputed that and, of course, how much time has proven me correct and Marc wrong.

In short, we had no vote until Marc was replaced because HE did not want one.  His quotes in the newspaper prove that; for Crain to suggest otherwise is sheer nonsense.
It was, in fact, Marc's motion that he made and voted for that resulted in the CTran taxing district that has cut out 10's of thousands of voters from having any say on their massive tax increases, which Boldt also supported, so the idea that he voted in any particular way with Mielke is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened.  Repeatedly.
They both voted to offer an economic job stimulus program with regards to fee waivers that were tied to number of and wage averages of employees. That was one of the best programs I had ever seen frankly.
I freely admit I've never heard of any of that. It appears to be a well-kept secret.
He wanted a baseball field for a team... never the best idea but frankly it didn't happen either.
Even that is, at minimum, a mischaracterization. 
Boldt sat by and allowed tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be wasted on staff time for this idiocy, which he could have killed several months earlier.  But, when the final vote at the county came, he actually voted with Mielke and against Stuart to kill the ballpark scam.
He wanted light rail until he realized how rotten it was in light of the sacrifices to our citizens rights and tax money. Then he came out against it. Frankly, it didn't happen either. 
Marc never opposed the CRC and repeatedly killed any effort to put it to a vote either in an advisory capacity or otherwise. 

This another lie from Crain, since Marc knew that the ONLY way the CRC would be built was WITH light rail, and he never ONCE came out in opposition to that rip off.
He voted for the gun carry restriction in the emergency ordinance act along with nearly every other commissioner across the state. When I asked him to do something about it, he did resulting in restoring that portion of our rights. So what does this say?
The first thing it says is that he never should have voted for a gun confiscation ordinance.  I pointed out to him at the time it was unconstitutional and he ignored me.
The second thing is that I don't care if EVERY other commissioner ACROSS THE PLANET voted for an obviously unconstitutional law, that doesn't mean that Marc ever should have.
The third thing it says is that CRAIN is trying to take credit for Marc's vote to rescind his illegal and unconstitutional vote when she had nothing to do with it.
The fourth thing it says is that the 2nd Amendment is a meaningless scrap of paper to Marc.
Since Crain asks.