Monday, April 13, 2015

The irony of Cleveland's babble in the democratian about the I5 Bridge.

Leave it to the complete, local lying whackjob of a leftist on the CRC Scam to lead off with this garbage:
We all know what happens to those who fail to learn from the past.
And yet, Cleveland's idiocy, on full display, shows beyond any doubt that she is guilty of her own allegation.

Nothing that this moron wrote comes close to accepting responsibility for the last outcome.  Nothing she wrote indicates that she apologizes for the reams of lies, attacks, exaggerations and insults this simple idiot spewed in her efforts to ram this garbage heap down the throat of a community that CLEARLY does not want it.

She expects everyone but herself to "learn from the past."  Yet, what, exactly, has SHE "learned?"


That this community... including her own district...  doesn't want the CRC Scam is meaningless to this bimbette.

That we hate loot rail?  That the democrats killed this idiocy because they refused to get rid of loot rail from the design, or raise the height of the last design to that of the current bridge... none of those things mean anything to her.

You see, in this idiot's world, these outcomes are everyone's fault but hers.

Never mind that the 4 other senators representing parts of Clark County combined to help kill this steaming pile she rolled around in for years.  Never mind that most of the people... by vote... have repeatedly made it clear they are not interested in her loot rail fetish.

Never mind that the I5 Bridge is paid for, safe and fully functional.  No, in the warped world of Annette Cleveland, those are all factoids to be ignored... as is the basis for this rip off in the first place:  the spreading of the loot rail fungus into Clark County by a fiscally, morally and ethically corrupt crew owned and operated by TriMet and the local downtown mafia.

THAT is what we have learned.

We have learned that this political hooker doesn't care what the people want.   We have learned that $2000 a year in ever increasing tolls for a bridge we don't need, don't want and cannot afford is a meaningless construct to this simpleton.

We have learned that in her world, we have to cave to the loot rail scammers in Oregon.

We have learned that issues concerning the will of the people of her district and this county are wasted on her: she wants what she wants and nothing else... such as what WE want... matters.

When you start with a lie...
We can, and must, replace the I-5 Bridge with a modern structure before a serious earthquake sends everyone traveling across the existing spans into the Columbia River.
Everything that follows is a lie.  And why should anyone listen to someone who works so hard to prove her self to BE a liar?

Exclusive of the fact that we do not need to replace the I5 Bridge for ANY reason... including earthquakes, the fact is that the BEST "earthquake" plan would be to build additional bridges in other locations.

Second to that is the ability to retrofit the current bridge for greater stability in an earthquake scenario.

What she and her fellow leftists continue to lie about is WHY they continue to lie: there is only one reason to replace the bridge, and she's SUCH a liar and of such low character that she refuses to acknowledge it: from the very beginning it has been about loot rail and nothing BUT loot rail.  Lies like earthquake safety are only put out there to cover her ass as the excuse to do this to us.

And none of that means a thing to this empty-headed idiot.

We need a process that addresses the true needs for increasing capacity over the Columbia River, and the I5 Bridge fits nowhere in that equation.

We need at least 2 additional bridges, one to the east of the 205 Bridge and one to the west of the I5 Bridge that will enable a straight shot to Hillsboro enabling a complete bypass of the I5 Bridge and the entire city of Portland.

What we don't need and cannot afford are $100,000,000 a year in ever-increasing tolls to gain less than 60 seconds on the southbound commute.

What we don't need are lying scum who ignore the people they would govern in the name of their own agenda.

What we need are people who will tell the truth ALL OF THE TIME.

And that means keeping Annette Cleveland and the lying scum like her out of all of this.

Remember, kids; months ago I wrote that the CRC Scam was still alive and that's why the fringe-left nutjobs were going to punish the people of this county by refusing to remotely consider any other alternative.  That was why no one running for office from the Pro-CRC Scammer side... the democrat side... offered ANY other alternative... and shelled efforts by those attempting solutions to find was to address this issue.

And in that regard, the Hobbit from Vancouver did not disappoint.

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