Monday, April 13, 2015

Parallels between Obama's miserable failure on Iran and the Bi-State Bridge Committee

Seem like a bit of a stretch?

Not really.  To those paying attention to both, one looks like an overlay of the other.  The only difference is one of scale.

Iran is a rogue nation.  Because they killed and maimed thousands of American troops either directly or indirectly in Afghanistan and Iraq, we should have destroyed them as a viable country a decade ago.

These scum have been major players around terrorists since the fall of the Shah (Another foreign policy debacle by the second worst president in this country's history: Jimmy Carter) and how often have we heard the phrase "The United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists?"

And here we have one clueless idiot (Obama) sending ANOTHER clueless idiot (Kerry) into the den of the lion where he's been played like a fiddle.

Here's the thing: I can see negotiating with someone when you have no other choice.

But this is right up there with then US negotiating with Germany AFTER the Russians took Berlin.

Iran has no leverage save that which we, the US, give them.  Their military is a joke, their Navy and Air Force are essentially nonexistent and could be destroyed in 24 hours.

What they DO have because we, the United States, have ALLOWED them to have it, is a burgeoning nuclear weapons program.  And folks, there's only 3 targets for that effort: Israel, Russia... and the United States.

To the extent that we are negotiating with these scum, how is it that we're not getting what we want first?  How is it that even a precursor to negotiations wasn't the immediate release of the 4 Americans these scum are holding?

And most importantly, how is it that they still have a nuclear program?  That's the only issue that matters: elimination of any nuclear capability Iran wants or is attempting to get.

Not "slowing" it down.  Not "delaying" it.  Not "shelving" it.

But eliminating it.  Permanently.

Folks, every week or so, these same scum that we're "negotiating" with are out there leading the "Death to America" chant.  So... why are we "negotiating" with these slime instead of destroying them?

Segue' to the Bi-State Bridge issue.

The people of this county have made it clear:  We do not want the current, fully functional I5 Bridge replaced.  We do not want $2000 yearly, ever-increasing tolls for the next several decades.

We ABSOLUTELY don't want loot rail.  Period.  And that means no "loot rail ready" bridge, either... because precisely like the Iranian "negotiations" mean that Iran will noit only become a nuclear power, they will do so with US blessing... because "loot rail ready" means we WILL have loot rail.

For YEARS, the people of this county made it clear in every conceivable way that these two issues are the political lynch-pin of government in Clark County.

For years, everyone from Tim "The Liar" Leavitt to fake Republican Marc Boldt ignored us, lied to us, insulted us and took us for granted... all the while wasting $200 million taxpayer dollars.

So... what's happened here?

On the surface, it appears that a GOP-led effort has been started to negotiate with democrat/loot rail/tolling terrorists.

The democrats are following the Iranian line: they want what they want and they don't give a rat's ass about what the people want.

Never mind that the people of this county has been death to local democrats in ways that spill over to all levels of the legislative ilk.

Leftist intransigence on the CRC Scam infests every level of the local political scene.

It's this simple:

In 1992, there was a single GOP legislator out of 9 representing the county.  Democrats dominated the legislative and county-wide elective office scene, with almost every elected official around here having a "D" after their name.  All of the commissioners were democrats.

Starting in 1994... that trend exploded.  Since then, the trend away from the left has picked up steam like a political avalanche.

And now... of the 15 legislators representing Clark County, 12 of them are GOP.  Of the county commissioners, all of them are GOP.

This is the bare minimum of  the response by the local electorate.

The dems are forced to run lying political low-lifes to even have warm bodies on the ballot.

In the 18th District, for example, last November, they ran a pathological liar (Winningham) and a snake (Briggs) who were utterly out of touch with and didn't not care about the will of those they would govern... both rabid dogs on their support of the CRC Scam... and one barely breaking 40% of the vote and the other, Briggs, getting the title Mr. 36% against the weakest, most worthless incumbent in office here locally, Brandon Vick... as a result.

I point this out to set the table for the message the people have sent with these votes and that trend:

We do not want the I-5 Bridge replaced as long as it is safe.

We do not want loot rail.

We do not want tolls.

And the fringe-left nutjobs... no matter how many times they get smacked at the polls over this issue... want all of those things... and will consider no other alternative.

The blithering idiot senator from the 49th, Cleveland, made that clear with her stupidity in the democratian yesterday.

So... why is any effort being made that will just give the same lying scum who ignored us, berated us, belittled us, lied to us and to the legislature a platform where they can, once again, ignore us, berate us, belittle us, lie to us and lie to the legislature?  Why is any effort being made to engage them in anything when they've made it clear that that they will only settle for what they want?

Why are we engaging them when the entirety of this committee is designed to replace the I-5 Bridge that we do not want replaced, that we do not need to be replaced, AND That we cannot afford to be replaced... when we know that the only thing they will allow is loot rail?

Cleveland even lied about the reasons behind replacing the bridge yesterday, falsely claiming that the purpose was because of "earthquakes."

The Oregon Supreme Court looked at that lie and determined that it was, in fact, a lie.

Does Cleveland think we're stupid?  Does Cleveland believe we don't know?

It wasn't helped any by the democratian's now 3 year failure to run the story on the Oregon Court opinion... but then, they've frequently been reticent when it comes to running inconvenient truths that fly in the face of their "must replace the I5 Bridge" meme.

In short, there's no point in any of this until the leftists peel off their loot rail scam AND until 2 other bridges in 2 other locations are built, east of I-205 and west of the I-5 on a straight shot to Hillsboro to bypass Portland and the I-5 Bridge altogether...  all unacceptable to the leftist social engineers who demand that we get into light rail cars... even though they are NOT needed or wanted for this bridge... but who, like the Vancouver Hobbit, keep lying to us about how we MUST have it or there will be no bridge.

Well, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

I'm happy with the bridge we've got that doesn't have loot rail on it.  So, if that's the price for screwing us, I'll pass.

But why we're doing this remains a mystery to me... when the GOP is presenting the will of the people and the left are presenting the will of the Portland elite and our own downtown mafia.

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