Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why does the democratian keep lying about the I-5 Bridge scam?

Those who've been in the area for any length of time are aware that the democratian lies at the drop of a hat.

Candidate they don't like?  They lie, through omission or commission about that candidate... and even admit it!.

Get in the way of their agenda?  There is no lie these scum won't tell to make it happen.  Either about you... or about their agenda.

Take this whopper from today:
Jeers: The latest numbers regarding traffic between Clark County and Multnomah County reinforce the need for officials to reach agreement on a replacement Interstate 5 bridge across the Columbia River. Statistics show that the I-5 Bridge had about 133,000 vehicle crossings during a typical weekday in 2014. After a slight decline in traffic over the previous several years, the 2014 totals marked a return to the 2005 levels. 
Meanwhile, the I-205 bridge hosted a record weekday average of 151,735 crossings.  Despite assertions from the Washington State Department of Transportation that crossings will decline in the coming decades, inevitable population growth suggests that traffic will continue to increase. I-5 is near capacity now, highlighting the need for a replacement.
Proving once again that figures don't lie, but liars figure, the increase of traffic over the I-5 Bridge... which gets us back to where the number was TEN YEARS AGO, does NOTHING to show a replacement is needed.

Nothing.  PARTICULARLY when the replacement THEY tried to scam us with was all about loot rail, just like THIS lie.

What is NEEDED is ADDITIONAL CAPACITY, not a replacement bridge scam that will cut less than 60 seconds off the southbound commute.

One year out of 10 in a set of numbers doesn't suggest anything.  That's not unlike the possibility that these scum told the truth ONCE about any issue on their agenda means they'll ALWAYS tell the truth.  And what kind of self-delusion is that?

What is needed now is the same thing that was needed before these numbers came out: two additional bridges, one west of the I-5 to facilitate transportation to the Hillsboro area, and one east of the 205 to beat the rush across the river over there.

That the rag continues this same lie for yet another year doesn't make it true.

We need what we need.  Delusional lies like this one today don't change that.  And the LAST thing we need is to have the I-5 Bridge replaced.  Period.  Literally.

Because we DO need two other bridges built first, and THEN we need to look at the I-5.  Until then?

This is just more of the scum spewed by these nutjobs with an agenda that they demand WE pay for.

And THEY care about is what WE want.

Never have.... never will.

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