Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What can GOP politicians learn from the Netanyahu Miracle

Presumably, those reading my meager effort here are politically involved enough to have become aware of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu's crushing, if not wholly unexpected victory in Israeli elections yesterday.

Lefttists from Middle Eastern terrorists to Berry Obama to our own local variety such as Mark Brown are highly incensed that Obama's carefully-laid plans to screw the Likud Party generally and Netanyahu particularly went up in smoke yesterday (Talk about leftist hypocrisy... wasn't the White House whining about Boehner interfering with Israeli elections a couple of weeks ago?) are furious that an anti-terrorist candidate actually will continue running the Israeli government.
  • Mark Brown His standing at home and abroad is diminished and his continuation as PM is not assured. His pledge to block a Palestinian State was crass and repugnant. He may survive as PM but if so have s days in office are numbered.  11 hrs · Like
Utter nonsense, of course, but it's the kind of mental masturbation that leftists typically engage in... or else they wouldn't BE leftists.

Netanyahu's days in office, of course, ARE numbered.  In the several hundreds.

But what can the GOP politicians learn from all of this?  How can they change?  How can they begin to campaign on principle and then stick to it once they're elected?

Generally, we've been (apparently) mistakenly led to believe that the democrats are the so-called "tax and spenders" but it was here at the state level, the GOP Senate who screwed us by jacking our gas tax to the second highest in the country, by putting a fake emergency clause on the bill and then by refusing to put a referendum clause on that steaming pile.

It was the state Senate GOP that killed the collective bargaining transparency bill.  It was the GOP who was trying to allow the liars behind I-502 (The pot initiative) off the hook for their despicable falsity of a campaign that promised $582 million or so in state revenue every year if only we'd allow yet another way for people to get baked legally.  The reality?

As I indicated at the time, that was a lie and an impossible figure for pot heads to reach... since it would require roughly $75 in tax revenue per year for every man, woman and child in the state to meet that promise.

At the federal level, mainstreamers kept telling us that everything would be "different" once the GOP took the US Senate.

It hasn't been, of course.  I was pretty sure it wouldn't be, but the RINO ilk is far more concerned about the label of a thing than the substance... since the substance has yet to differentiate itself from the democrat majority they just replaced.

Far too often, politicians at all levels are much more concerned about what they can get out of their situation than they are the primary motivation for their "service."

As a result, extraneous factors come into play.  In everything from special interests, to money, to jobs, to coercion, to perhaps even blackmail, far too many of our electeds forget why they're there.  Far too many cast aside the sense of their districts for their own greater good.  

We see it here locally.  The county clerk, Scott Weber, is a liar and a con artist who initially ran on the platform of doing away with the job he was running for if elected and making it non-political... an appointed position by the county commissioners.

It took him about 10 seconds to forget that once he was elected, and the now-chair of the Clark County democrats was such a clueless idiot that she couldn't even beat him out of the office... while the voters were so completely clueless that they indicated they didn't care if they re-elected a liar... which, like the pot bailout bill, just serves to reinforce to the unscrupulous candidates and interests who want to run our lives and rape our wallets that all they have to do to get their project built at taxpayer expense... get their initiative passed... or get elected... is to lie.

And then... we have Benjamin Netanyahu.

A soldier, a warrior, a statesman in charge of a country roughly the size of New Jersey, afloat in a sea of leftist and terrorist hatred... cast adrift by a terrorist-supporting White House and a clueless moron who doesn't know foreign policy from brain surgery.

The left foamed at the mouth at the very idea of deposing Bibi.  But, like so many other electoral nightmares for Obama, this too turned to dust as word permeated the election that he was personally attempting to interfere with the outcomes... which can be added to the ever-growing list of crap he's screwed up.

Bibi was SUPPOSED to lose.

So, why didn't he?

Why, indeed?  And therein lay the secret.

He did not run away from who he was.

He made tough... and correct... calls... that flew in the face of the popular leftist meme.

He did what had to be done.  He refused to cave to know-nothings like Obama.  He refused to run away from a fight.

Imagine what a Speaker Netanyahu would have done when it comes to the issue of a "government shut down."

Imagine what he would have done over illegal aliens.  Imagine what he would have done on Obamacare.... just two of the broken GOP promises that led to their election in the US Senate.

Imagine what we'd be looking at now when it came to the issue of the gas tax scam in our own state.


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