Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Local leftists throw a fit over Madore's transparency, right-to-work resolution.

This was another article that landed in my in-box: the issue of Commissioner David Madore's resolution on transparency (Making public employee negotiations public) and right-to-work by making union membership optional.

The tiny minority of leftists, proven irrelevant in the last election, are, of course, throwing a fit over this turn of events.

They'll be there screaming and yelling because one of Madore's quirks is an almost painful desire to hold himself up as a pinata. as the fringe-left then proceeds to beat him with several sticks.

Of COURSE union negotiations should be public.  That the slime in the unions pitch a fit over the very idea is because they don't want us to know what's going on and how they twist arms to get what THEY want at OUR expense.

OF COURSE union membership should not be required: who wants to be forced to help fuel the machine bent on raping OUR wallets for THEIR benefit?

The usual suspects will be there: some union swine and their democrat lackeys, loser Deanna Pauli-Hammond who couldn't even figure out a way to pick up the low-hanging fruit represented by our liar of a county clerk, Scott "I'm going to do all I can to end this position as an elective office" Weber will be there shooting off her pie hole... doing all she can to cause further damage to the local democrat brand... a political dead horse that has managed... brilliantly, I might add... to beat itself into dust as they continue to charge down the lonely highway of irrelevance at the polls.

The commissioners take this kind of abuse even though they don't have to... and when this passes, I expect it will be 2 to 1.

And once again, they'll have to mop the political blood up off the floor.

The article says, from DPH:
Though the resolutions aren't on Tuesday's council agenda, Clark County Democrats Chair Deanna Pauli-Hammond is encouraging those opposed to attend the meeting and speak out against the resolutions during public comment time. 
"We want to make sure they know that we are aware that this is going on," Pauli-Hammond said.

These clowns couldn't elect their way out of a wet paper sack.

Who cares if you sort are "aware" or not?

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