Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So, why did our state GOP Senate cave on transparency?

The GOP... allegedly.... controls the state senate.

But it seems difficult to notice that most times an issue comes up, since they vote like Ed Murray was still in charge.

I was astounded when I was sent the democratian's editorial today... kind of a token brush with actual political centralism.

But once I got over the shock... I instantly became mystified:  Why did the GOP, who sponsored the bill in question and who, as I stated, allegedly controls the state senate, cave on the issue of transparency of collective bargaining.

I totally get why the unions want this all to be kept under cover.

The unions want to be rewarded for their thuggish behavior and corrupting influence on the democrat party, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  At this point, it appears the GOP senate, by letting this bill die in Rules, wants the same thing.

Why is that?

The bill, SB5329, has among it's co-sponsors, the GOP "Leader."

Sponsors:Senators Braun, Becker, Schoesler, Padden, Angel, Warnick, Honeyford, Hewitt
The state Open Public Meetings Act requires that all meetings of governing bodies of public agencies, including cities, counties, and special purpose districts, be open and accessible to the public. A meeting generally includes any situation in which a majority of a city council, board of county commissioners, or other governing body meets and discusses the business of that body. Certain types of meetings are exempt from public meeting requirements. Collective bargaining sessions with unions are one and include contract negotiations; grievance meetings; discussions relating to the interpretation or application of a labor agreement; and that portion of an otherwise public meeting during which the governing body is planning or adopting the strategy or position to be taken during the course of bargaining, negotiations, grievance or mediation proceedings,or reviewing the proposals made in negotiations or proceedings while in progress. 
Summary of Bill (Recommended Substitute):  
The provision exempting collective bargaining sessions with unions involving contract negotiations from the Open Public Meetings Act is removed. Language is added to all the collective bargaining chapters, requiring collective bargaining sessions involving contract negotiations to be open to the public. 
(Recommended Substitute): The substitute adds language to all the collective bargaining chapters, requiring collective bargaining sessions involving contract negotiations to be open to the public. 
Appropriation: None.
In reality, the GOP focus should be on eliminating public employee unions altogether... and then, making this a right-to-work state, ala Wisconsin.

But this "GOP Senate" has been far less "GOP" and far more democrat-light... in keeping with the "what difference does it make" which party is elected meme.

I've long since given up caring.

There's far too little difference between these people, who really don't give a damn what the people want,  and the democrats.  So why struggle to get them elected?  Once they're there, they forget all about us and the promises they made... and become victimized by the ratified air of Olympia.

And we're the ones who have to pick up the bill.

Both parties want us to go off the cliff... the only difference?

The leftists want to sprint off the cliff, while the GOP wants to trot.

This is the same GOP Senate that caved and betrayed us all on the so-called Dream Act, taking precious space away from citizens who should be going instead of the illegal aliens who are.

The same GOP who tried to set it up so our corrupt lieutenant governor could skate from his ethics charges.

The same GOP who is working so hard to screw us on I-502 revenue promises.

The result, ultimately, is exactly the same as the democrats.

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