Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does a democratian reporter's (Kate Gillespie) dalliance with a local leftist hate group help... or hurt... what's left of the credibility of the democratian?

There are a great many problems at the local leftist newsletter.

The only thing they've got to depend on to survive is merely one of them.

And what might that be?

The tattered remnants of their credibility.

I get that it's hard for them.  Lefty Lou Brancaccio has protested... though not much lately... that the Lazy C is as ideologically pure as the driven snow.

Anyone reading that leftist trough knows better, of course.  And imagine the shock waves reverberating around the left over yesterday's gentle slap on the wrist of the Hobbit Senator and her CRC/Loot Rail fetish.

Recently, another minimum wage hire has come on the scene, and she doesn't even try and hide her status as a democratian reporter.... not her relationship with the local leftist hate group, Clark County Citizens for Democrats... C3G2.

Julie Olson's in the ring. She just announced her candidacy for the Clark County District 2 seat. I'll have a story up soon. Though y'all would like to know. smile emoticon
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Of course, Mussolini Mikey Briggs, as far left as Mao, would immediately chime in on a subject he knows absolutely nothing about: politics... not to mention his own hypocrisy over being a hard-left winger.

No dem can win county-wide.  No dem they run wouldn't be rabidly in favor of the CRC Scam.

But that said, having a reporter kowtowing to a leftist hate group?

Could you even BEGIN to imagine the left's reaction if, for example, someone at that embarrassment to journalism was feeding ME stories.


It's garbage like this that destroys what little they have left.

Meanwhile, they lose out to a weekly as the official Clark County Newspaper, they're losing circulation at a hemorrhagic rate, they can't afford to find or pay experienced journalists and their leftist bias stinks up the joint...  a circular problem that goes on and on and on.

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