Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is why I don't believe it makes any difference if the GOP controls Congress.

For years now, the GOP Establishment has been telling us that we have to run more "moderate" candidates to take over Congress and the White House.

My response is something to the contrary: if voting these clowns in makes no real difference... then why bother?

Locally, the best example is that utterly worthless waste of skin, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera.

Ridgefield Barbie has accomplished absolutely nothing since she parachuted in here to run against the hapless Brian Baird after her 11 year absence from the area, which led to a "hale leading the lame" scenario, where she was appointed to represent a district in the House because, well, she was a "she," and she is half-hispanic.

She accomplished nothing in the State House, save to co-sponsor SEIU legislation and vote to clean out our state emergency fund to fund all those leftist programs the democrats so love, and she has accomplished even less in the US House, failing to take any legislative action of any kind to kill the CRC Scam that her inaction caused the waste of $200 million... leaving the heavy lifting to the state senate and Ann Rivers among others.

Jaime Herrera is the kind of stuff that Congress is made of.  The kind of stuff that's led to this:

This is what blind belief in the utterly nonsensical idea that the ends justify the means in the name of a label... a provenly worthless label... of the Republican Party.

You see, like life, politics is an outcome-based business.  If electing "moderates" results in no discernible difference in outcomes, such as continued support of Obama's illegal alien amnesty program... then what the hell good did it do to work to elect them?

This outcome is part and parcel as to why Obama does not... did not... appear particularly upset by this across the board repudiation of his tenure: he knows, but of course won't publicly say, that "losing the senate" was meaningless.

For the last 4 years, these "Republican" cowards have controlled a House of Congress.

And under that control, trillions of dollars of debt have been amassed, our foreign policy has been a shambles, no one has been punished or held responsible for Benghazi, the Russians now own much of Eastern Europe, tens of millions have no job, and the specter of Obamacare remains fully intact, crippling our economy and small business.

Obama cannot rule by edict.  Boehner's decision to cave to this insanity is no different than the most ardent leftists support.

I have used this blog for years to sound the clarion call that the positions of those we elect in fact do matter... and matter a great deal more than the label these people apply to themselves out of political expediency.

This is the biggest proof of that yet.

Boehner's latest capitulation (Along with Ridgefield Barbie, there have been multiples of others) merely emboldens Obama's emporership. 

Yes, the GOP controls Congress.  But I expect nothing different from the current set up, where the GOP controlled the House and routinely voted like they were still in the minority.

As a guy who sat in the seat of the Executive Director of the Washington State GOP, that was where the epiphany took place and reality began to sink in.

I USED to believe.  Even at the local level, where GOP controlled Houses of the Legislature voted FOR in-state situation for illegals and most recently, financial aid for illegal alien students taking up spaces in our universities that those actually, legally here, not only citizens of this country but citizens of this state that those children cannot get because someone who isn't even here legally has crowded them out as a result of their illegal; status.

And at the national level, I watched and watched and watched some more as [political expediency destroyed the tenets of a party that is SUPPOSED to do the RIGHT thing over the POLITICAL thing.

Instead, they're afraid.  Instead, their focus is on getting re-elected and spinning their betrayal like they were ALL named Jaime Herrera.... who's mere presence in those hallowed halls betrays us.

Obama fakes us out with a fake, apparently unsigned executive order... and what does the House GOP do?

Go along with it the same way a House with a democrat majority ran by Nancy Pelosi would.

So, tell me again, RINO's.  What the hell difference did it make to elect you?

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