Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sen. Annette Cleveland (Communist 49) liar and obsessed on the CRC.

We are cursed with outright scum "representing" our community in the Legislature.

Total whack jobs.  Total lying ego-maniacs who should be institutionalized.

Annette Cleveland is one such pathetic creature.

Like most CRC Scammers, there is absolutely no lie she won't tell in support of her CRC fetish.

Like Cathy McMorris has her hand up Jaime Herrera's back into her head, Cleveland has a shock collar around her neck, placed there by the State Cow, one Patty Murray.

The result?  Cleveland looks like a complete idiot and continues to do her own local party incalculable damage by serving up to the local GOP the gift that keeps on giving: the constant reminder that the left wanted to enslave the 65,000 or so to ever increasing tolls, beginning at $8 per day for the next 40 years plus to build a bridge entirely for the purpose of jamming a loot rail spike into our jugular.

EVERY time she speaks or writes tripe like this, she hurts her own party's chance at ever becoming relevant down here again, and she simply does not care because this simple idiot does what she's told.

Cleveland does not care about solving our transportation problems.  And she's more than willing to punish us because we're smart enough to tell that moron to take a hike.

So, she puts out lie fests like this, and then goes running to the C3G2 hate site to whine.

Why the Transportation Committee is spending a DIME in the 49th, particularly considering how Tim "The Liar" Leavitt has treated Ann Rivers combined with Cleveland being a "no" is simply beyond me.

So, here's that whack job's latest lies, which regular readers will know instantly when they read it.  (Image H/T Lew Waters)

In fact, the ONLY "viable project" is one the people of this county approve.

You are many things to many people, hobbit... but MY voice AIN'T one of them.

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