Saturday, March 07, 2015

Julie Olsen for District 2?

OK.  Julie Olsen is running in District 2.

A few things trouble me, however.

First, I recall when she ran against Monica Stonier, barely losing, that her opposition to the CRC Scam was non-existent... which is why, or at least one of the contributing factors, she met defeat in an otherwise simple job, considering Stonier.

Here's the thing: I will never support anyone who supported that rip off.

My knee is jerking into the position that since she did not actively oppose that rip off, I am not actively supporting her candidacy.

Second, where was she at on the Charter?  I will not ever support anyone who supported that rip off, either.

Third, the endorsement of Brandon "Lumpy" Vick is likely to be the deal killer for me.

Put those three together... and, well, who needs another democrat?

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