Sunday, March 08, 2015

Hinton: The irony of Jayne's column on diversity of thought.

I'm sure if you asked him, being a willing Brancaccio lackey and all, Jayne wouldn't admit to it, but there was a great deal of irony in his "work" today.  It reeked after it was sent to me... which means it pretty much reeked before it was sent to me.

If the rag that infests this community was anything close to fair... or unbiased.... it might have made sense.

But the missing element... the element that might have made it worth something was the lack of those tenets in the operation of the cancer on the community itself.

The hypocrisy of the piece is obvious.  Racist and bigoted rants from, say, fringe leftist nutjobs like Leonard Pitts have been the order of the day for the rag, and he has spewed garbage that frequently makes me look like a 3rd grade reader author in comparison of tone and tenor.

The scum spewed from both Jayne and primarily, Brancaccio, has gone far beyond the pale in any sense of fairness, justice, accuracy and frequently, truth.

And that gets to the heart of the matter: Jayne and the democratian have been cranking out "nutty points of view" for years.... decades.

I've seen "thoughts" from leftist slimeballs that never get that chastisement that the left loves so much when they apply it to political opponents... a palpable double standard that would make the statue of Justice, as blind as it is, throw up.

Clearly, Jayne, et al, believe that their "truth" is THE "truth."  The problem is that they run it through a sick, arrogant filter that denudes the end product of reality, ignores the will of the people just like, say, Cleveland; and truly believes itself superior in every way... including the way that allows us to think for ourselves.

Had Jayne or those he works for actually treated and viewed everyone the same... then, perhaps, they might be in a position to judge.

But the victim of Jayne's screed, Thomas Sowell specifically and those to the right of Mao generally, are conservative in their approach.

And that makes them an open target, easy for the democratian to beat on.

Just for one example, the leftist bent is proven by this little snippet, picked up b y Lew Waters.

She dumped this off at the friendly, neighborhood fringe-left hate site AKA C3G2.

Is it her job to notify political hate sites that she's going to do a story on someone they will oppose politically?

Why would she do that?

Because the democratian lives up to it's name every chance they get.  The damned sure wouldn't give any right-leaning site a head's up, would they?

And that's the thing:  the inability of Brancaccio and Jayne, et al, to BE fair is based entirely on their leftist bent, a bent they refuse to acknowledge but which is obvious in the pap they drench our community with every  edition.  As one of the many banned for offending either Jayne's or Lefty Lou's fringe-left sensibilities, that tends to make this column the epitome of irony, in fact.

The irony, then, is that someone who publishes a so-called "nutty point of view" is hardly in a position to call someone else out because they've used comparisons to that scumbag in the White House that he didn't happen to like... particularly from a rag that repeatedly compared those of us who opposed the stupidity of the CRC/Loot Rail scam as "cockroaches."

Thus, they have zero room to talk.

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