Monday, February 23, 2015

Watch the Senate GOP cave on the Homeland Security budget.

Having given the GOP control of the Senate... unfortunately, to a group of limp-wristed RINO's... I postulated that GOP control over the legislative branch would make absolutely no real difference.

I believe I am right.  And, I believe as a result, these morons will cave on the illegal alien issue.

I've asked the question repeatedly: how will electing the GOP in the Senate make any real difference?

I've been lectured repeatedly that we must overlook the weaknesses in the GOP position in the name of GOP control, and that once gained, everything would be different somehow.

Nonsense, I said then.  And nonsense I say now.

Now, the Homeland Security budget is being held up in an effort to defund the Empty-Suited Idiot's plan to bring a few million more illegal alien in to vote democrat.

But you wait and see: because the goings gotten a little tough these RINO's WILL cave, and because of that, illegal aliens by the millions will become our problem.

I've said for years now that in reality, it really doesn't matter which side wins... we all lose.  And now you, too, can watch it all happen live and direct as Mitch falls like a cheap hooker, taking us down with him.

Many of the problems confronting this country were aided and abetted by many of these same senators.  And in the end, I don't believe it will make any difference at all.

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