Monday, February 23, 2015

As expected, the "In God We Trust" debate has devolved into an unnecessary circus.

I have no dog in this particular fight, since I'm not going to be impacted one way or the other regardless of the ultimate outcome.

However, viewing this in political terms, I do have to ask the $64,000 question: why?

Not "why put the motto up," but instead, "why is this even an issue?"

Earlier, I pointed out that this was not an issue worthy of holding a hearing on.  I pointed out that Commissioner Madore, by himself as Chair, can arbitrarily order the motto be put up there and that, if he were of a mind to do so, he should do so.

I pointed out that if the C3G2 haters don't like it, they can always file one of those fantastic initiatives and gather 34,000 valid signatures or whatever, put it on the ballot and let the people decide.

After all, that "ability" was one of the lies they shilled as a part of their charter lie campaign wasn't it?

So now, this is spinning out of control.  Every fringe left nutter in the region, including those who don't live in our county (As if their opinions mattered) will roll in tomorrow and turn this into another Brancaccio-inspired hate fest.

The commissioners will, once again (and quite unnecessarily) hold themselves up as some sort of piƱata, the hearing will last hours, the haters are gonna hate, the supporters are going to support and in the end, the commissioners are going to vote this in.

They'll sit behind the dais, here how much of a waste of time this is (And it is, but not for the reasons the haters will use) and how every atheist will be outraged/offended (like we should care... as if their "offense" was a reason to do, or not do, anything.) when none of this changes the fact that "In God We Trust" is our national motto.

My criticism isn't the motto.  My criticism is that either David Madore or Tom Mielke felt any public process was required to make this decision.  That part is inexplicable to me.  And they are likely going to pay the price... again... for failing to understand this.

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