Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Betty Sue Morris: reduced to a lie to attack the commissioners on "In God We Trust."

Doing her best Melissa Smith imitation, democrat former commissioner and C3G2 Hater Betty Sue Morris laid this lie out in the C3G2 Hate Group:

The problem, of course, is that does not appear to be true.

While many wars have been fought over religion... none have come close in numbers killed as a result of political wars as opposed to religious based wars.

Date War
60.7–84.6 1939–1945 World War II (see World War II casualties) [31][32]
60 13th century Mongol Conquests (see Mongol invasions and Tatar invasions)[33][34][35]
40 1850–1864 Taiping Rebellion (see Dungan revolt)[36]
39 1914–1918 World War I (see World War I casualties)[37]
36 755–763 An Shi Rebellion (number exaggerated based on census system, but not considering the territorial shrink and inefficient census system afterwar)[38]
20 1937–1945 Second Sino-Japanese War[39]
20 1370–1405 Conquests of Tamerlane[40][41]
16 1862–1877 Dungan revolt
5–9 1917–1922 Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention[42]

None of these wars were based on "religion."

I get that hatred can beget lies.  But the problem with revisionist history is just that: it's revisionist.

And numbers rarely lie.

C3G2 Haters?

They rarely tell the truth.

Smith, by the way, is a somehow-elected official in Camas who knows less about the Constitution than she does brain surgery.

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