Monday, February 09, 2015

The latest from the pathetic Mussolini Mikey Briggs!

Our Senator in the 18th District, Ann Rivers, was recently named "Legislator of the Year" by the Associated General Contractors.

That announcement was made on her Facebook page a few days ago.  It was both informative and, of courser, an opportunity to congratulate our hardest working Senator.

So, what does Mussolini Mikey do?

Drops trou and whizzes all over her announcement because of his CRC/Loot Rail Fetish.

Briggs, the most pathetic local candidate running in the most recent general election who was effectively politically massacred by the weakest local incumbent, the do-nothing, mail-it-in Brandon Vick, couldn't climb beyond 37% as a result of his lack of vision, lack of intelligence, lack of integrity and lack of a personality.

The garbage he spewed on Sen. River's page was so low life that even other democrats smacked him upside the head for his stupidity.

Briggs is scum... the lowest kind of political sewage.  That's why he was crushed in the most recent election and why I will be doing everything I can to make sure that scumbag isn't elected dog catcher.

Feast your eyes on his Mikey's rank hypocrisy.

  • Mike Briggs I guess the AGC didn't mind losing the construction related to the bridge.
  • Dianna Kretzschmar Can't you ever just say something nice Mike Briggs...Not EVERYTHING is about the bridge. : )
  • Allen Hoff Mike Briggs, GET OVER IT. The majority of the taxpayers, and yes that includes the D's, the R's and the I's voted against the CRC. I guess you and a few others are upset that the taxpayers money didn't come your way, perhaps? What else could it be that you are so upset. Your buddies already made 20 million disappear, wasn't that enough? SMH
  • Mike Briggs The bridge and its loss to this entire region will haunt and hurt this area for 10 years. That is a huge loss. Sen. Rivers and Sen. Benton are primarily responsible for this thing. I'm not surprised you do not see this and I'm sure Sen. Rivers would like this issue to go away too.
  • Mike Briggs You are mistaken, Mr. Hoff.
  • Allen Hoff Mike Briggs, on the contrary. I think, like the majority of the voters and taxpayers are glad that the two Senators did what the majority of us wanted. Now you say I'm mistaken? On what, the 20 million dollars of taxpayers money nobody can account for? Or for suggesting you might be part of the "good old boys" who was planning on making some extra cash from this bridge? If I was wrong on that suggestion, then I DO APOLOGIZE. But so far I haven't seen anything the might suggest different, and neither has anyone else. Also Mike, I am glad you keep bringing up that bridge every so often. It does let both Senators know that they did what the majority wanted done. Isn't that what democracy is about, the majority decides? Or am I mistaken on that?
  • Mike Briggs You are still wrong but I accept your apology.

    This County, State and anyone who uses I-5 will have 10 years to appreciate what those two senators did.
  • Paul Mulwitz Mike Briggs - we still have free speech and you are entitled to your opinion. However, I think you are mistaking your opinion and those of your closest friends as a majority. The actual majority of people in Clark county don't want toy trains and really don't want to bail out Portland for its horrible mistake building those toy trains. Ann Rivers is a hero for her sucess getting rid of that horrible expense that would do nothing to help automobile traffic across the river.
  • Karen Johnson Way to go dear friend! Congrats!
  • Allen Hoff Mike, there is no doubt that YES, a new bridge should be built. However, the majority of the taxpayers/voters said NO to light rail. Do you know, or realize how many times the majority voted NO to light rail before this last vote? Also as a supporter of that boondoggle, please explain how a new bridge would lessen the congestion further south of the bridge. The I5 corridor, to do away with any/all congestion, would have to be made wider, and that would cost Oregon a fortune that they don't have and couldn't afford. In fact they couldn't design a bridge high enough for the ships that industry needs to pass through or under the bridge. But the supporters like you and Moeller and others had no problem spending more of the taxpayers money to buy (BRIBE) the industries to relocate. Also, just how would this new bridge you people wanted help move the traffic in 2040? I'm sure you have seen the projected population increase for this side of the bridge.
  • Allen Hoff Again Mike, in the not so near future, another by-pass will have to be built around Portland and Vancouver. Many people know and realize it, and we should build that first, before the new I5 bridge. It would be less expensive now than down the road. And down the road, our children and grandchildren will be paying for it, and cussing people for not having the foresight. And no doubt most people ARE GLAD, and do appreciate what those two Senators did. Is there a personal reason you refuse to recognize the FACTS when they are presented to you, or what?
  • Lance McDaniel Well deserved recognition for a great Senator!
  • Mike Briggs No other bridge will be built across the Columbia until I-5 is addressed.
  • Allen Hoff The majority of the taxpayers or voters have already addressed the issue. WHY can't you and some others understand that? JUST WHAT PART OF NO don't you understand? SMH
  • Paul Mulwitz I-5 has been addressed. Oregon engineers say the bridge there will last another 50 years. Also, everyone agrees the bottleneck around Delta Park prevents any action on the I-5 bridge from improving automobile commuting times. End of story.
  • Mike Briggs We need a new bridge for the I-5. That issue has not been addressed. If you cannot understand this I cannot help you.
  • Paul Mulwitz Forgive me but I believe Oregon's state engineers over your opinion on the subject.
  • Lance McDaniel Allen Hoff, my favorite day on Facebook was when I figured out how to block my ability to see posts by certain people, you are dealing with one .
  • Mike Briggs Neither the legislatures of Oregon, Washington, nor the Feds agree that the current I-5 bridge crossing does not need to be replaced.
  • Allen Hoff Honestly Mike, didn't you understand my comment ^^^? I'll cut and paste it here again: Mike, there is no doubt that YES, a new bridge should be built. However, the majority of the taxpayers/voters said NO to light rail. Do you know, or realize how ...See More
  • Paul Mulwitz Well, actually you are mistaken. Your rant against Ann Rivers was all about the fact she was able to get the Washington legislature to deny funding for the toy train bridge. I don't know about Oregon's legislature but Oregon's expert engineers say th...See More
  • Mike Briggs But they cannot agree on the when and how. 

    The question of the longevity and mass transit are not the key issues. 

    The key issue is traffic congestion, relative safety, and an I-5 crossing that is made for the future needs.

    Oregon's and Washington's I-5 approaches do contribute to the problem but the bridge is the central component needed for positive change.
  • Paul Mulwitz I agree with you on the traffic congestion issue. However, the I-5 bridge project was clearly not designed to deal with congestion. It's only purpose was to get toy trains to Vancouver.
  • Allen Hoff Both ODOT and WADOT has said the bridge is good for another 60 years or so. Now if that big quake hits, like you and others love to mention, that I5 and the I205 bridges will be the least of our problems. Not one bridge, overpass, or even some streets will be useable to autos, and that also includes places in Portland. And yet Mike, still no answer to my questions. WHY? Also don't you realize that any future needs has to include the whole I5 corridor through Portland?
  • Mike Briggs Our politicians must be good leaders. To walk away from the bridge negotiation was a supreme failure and lack of good leadership.

    I'm sure Sen. Rivers has many good attributes and I have nothing personal against her but that decision on her part will 
    go down in the history of this state as a huge and fundamental mistake because of its long term problems and its failure to negotiate a solution to that huge transportation issue.

    Small accolades from a contractor lobbyist org do not erase this fact.
  • Paul Mulwitz Once again - you are entitled to your opinion. However, you state it as if it were a fact. For most people Ann Rivers is nothing short of a superhero for her successful destruction of the CRC scam.
  • Mike Briggs I do not love the thought of a large earthquake, Mr. Hoff. Another mistake from you. Without a doubt many people will die or have serious injury from such a catastrophe. But yes, this area is forecast for a large quake. The existing bridge will, almost assuredly be negatively affected and I-5 will be shut down.
  • Paul Mulwitz If you don't like earthquakes and rain perhaps you should move to some other place.
  • Allen Hoff Mike, LMAO because you can't or won't or don't dare to answer some easy questions. I put the FACTS out there, and you have no answers to prove me incorrect. That in it's self shows I'm correct, and you not so much correct. ONE LAST TIME, both Senators did what the majority of people wanted them to do. WHY can't you UNDERSTAND that? Oh my, you don't love that thought of a huge quake? Why did you and Moeller use that as part of your argument for the new bridge then?
  • Rusty Couch Woohoo! Huge congratulations, Senator Rivers!!!
  • Mike Briggs Which vote of the people are you referring to, Mr. Hoff, when you speak of s majority? There were votes taken on different ballots, some ended with majorities for and against, bridge related issues. 

    What Sen. Rivers and Sen. Benton did was to design 
    and orchestrate the demise of the funding for Wash.'s share. This in effect shut down any further negotiations for this over 10 year long and over a $200 million investment. That is what they did.
  • Dianna Kretzschmar I'm not understanding how you cannot just say Congratulations and walk away - or better yet not respond Mike BriggsCandy Bonneville and myself disagree with Ann about the bridge BUT we can express joy for a friend being recognized for all she gives to her community. We are more then just a "one issue" community. I'm celebrating the accomplishments of a woman who gives all she has to make a difference. Can't you agree to disagree about the bridge without being nasty about Ann being recognized for ALL her work...
  • Mike Briggs Mr. Mulwitz, because you lose an argument please do not resort to being uncivil. I was born in this area. I intend to stay as long as I wish

    I would ask you and Mr. Hoff to remain civil, please.
  • Mike Briggs Diane Kreschmar, please pander some other place.And Candy Bonneville can speak for herself. She does not need your patronage.
  • Rusty Couch Please take your BS somewhere else rather than a well-deserved congratulatory post for our esteemed Senator.
  • Mike Briggs Please remain civil, Mr. Couch.
  • Dianna Kretzschmar Mike you are mean. It's not pandering to call out a bully. Candy also said congratulations, so I do not know how you make the comments you make. You are a bully and mean spirited. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Rusty Couch I was civil. I'll not stoop to arguing with you.
  • Jerry Brong She was elected by voters in her district. She is in office to serve we the people of the State of Washington. Even though Senator Rivers doesn't represent my district, she is committed to delivering quality results & outcomes. Check her goals at her Senate site.
  • Sharon Raye Brown So deserved! Congrats
  • Paul Mulwitz Mike Briggs. I don't accept the notion that because I disagree with your opinion I have lost an argument. I also don't think I have been anything short of civil.

    I will point out that if you keep saying such untrue things about me then I will block you as others have already done so I don't have to see your comments.
  • Lew Waters 'nuff said

    An excerpt of an interview Mike Briggs had with KPSU’s “the Raging Moderate, not afraid to tact to the left” on...
  • Lew Waters And a hearty congratulations to Sen. Ann Rivers for abiding by the voices of her constituents over Portland's demands
  • Lonnie Allan Wilson So excited and proud of you. You are awesome! Congrats!
  • Jeff Guard Mike B: As a friend of yours, but also as a friend of Dianna K and others here, I am concerned about your ongoing rant. Ive been one of the CRC supporters, but that's DEAD now. Bring it back? Sure. Continue to rant on what was supposed to be a congratulatory posting? Wrong on you. Accept it and move on.
  • Danielle Hinton Woot! Congrats Ann so proud of you.
  • Russell E Brent No surprise to me
  • Tk Ramsay I have found Senator Rivers to always be a pleasure to meet with & always willing to listen
  • Allen Hoff Mike Briggs, I was keeping it civil. I mentioned FACTS, and asked questions, which so far you still haven't answered. I also apoligized if I made a wrong or incorrect assumption about you. However your refusal to answer any questions is NOT being civil. I also asked you, quite plainly, about the votes on light rail. So since you decided to be uncivil, I will just ignore anymore of your BS on this matter. And I also feel that both Senators have done a lot for of the taxpayers here, and have saved us all money. Surely only you and Moeller can't handle that FACT.
  • Mike Briggs Thanks everyone for being so courteous (little sarcasm here). 

    And for the record I am neither mean nor a bully but I do have the courage of my convictions and I feel very justified in what I had to say and in the civil manner I present my ideas.
  • Jeff Carr Congrats Sister! 
  • Terry Lee Frederiksen Impressive Ann!
  • CM Bender Senator Ann Rivers, congratulations! To my family this comes as no surprise, you are an amazing person & your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated! Congrats!!
  • Rhonda Boni-Burden congratulations
  • Allen Hoff Mike Briggs, do you feel very justified when you won't answer some honest questions? If so, I really feel sorry for you.
  • Mike Briggs Dear friend Jeff, tell your friend to not call me names and I probably will be a little easier on her. As to forgetting the bridge...if it was a 2-year fix Jeff, I probably would not be so hard on this bad decision. The fact that this decision is going to hurt so many people over so many years-- is the part I will not be letting up on nor forgetting. As for her congrats... sure, congrats to her for winning an award from the AGC who apparenlty does not care, all that much, about the loss of construction for that mega project. Ok, with this, Jeff?
  • Leslie Rivers Donnelly Congratulations!
  • Judy Eckelbarger Your mom was so proud of you, as we are all
  • Barbara Melroy Way to go Ann!!
  • Shannen Herz Congrats! Well deserved!
  • Stacie Westerdahl Congrats! Well deserved!
  • Russell E Brent It makes me sick to my stomach when a post like this to honor someone who obviously deserves appreciation gets hijacked. Shame! Go somewhere else to further your bitter agendas. Better yet, go to Olympia and get 20 minutes with your legislator!
  • Judy Richards Chipman Congratulations Ann. Great job and very well deserved!!
  • Mike Briggs Politics is a tough place. Some days you're the hero and some days you are not. My hat is off to anyone who takes on that challenge. No one always makes the right call.

A quick review of this thread shows the following of Mussolini, typical of most leftist trolls.

First, he's a liar.  He would do anything to get his worker bee agenda passed.

Second, he stupidly believes that he's the smartest guy in the room.

Third, the will of the people is a meaningless construct to him.

Forth, he's a rank hypocrite, whining about a lack of civility towards him after he comes to someone else's FB page and craps all over a thread.

Fifth, he insults and belittles and then acts all butthurt when some of that comes back his way.

Sixth, he was told repeatedly by even some of his fellow dems he was out of line, and all he could do is double down while he insulted some of them for slapping him.

You see, I can get that Briggs is pissed that his campaign was a horrific disgrace.  I get that he was embarrassed and humiliated, precisely like I indicated he would be if he was foolish enough to run.

But the idea that he can act like an asshole on someone else's congratulatory thread and then get all butthurt when others slap him around over it?

That's part of why he'll never be elected to anything.... thank God.

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