Sunday, February 08, 2015

Oil protestors/God protestors: equal hypocrisy.

I'm sure you've noticed the hypocrites engaging these protests.

Fringe-left whackers protesting the oil terminal/trains and so forth.

They don't want either, but one has to wonder: are they walking the walk, or just talking the talk?

Now, in America, it's clear that some people are going to feign anger no matter what elected officials decide.  Fake offense, fake outrage.

The partisan hatred of the C3G2 hate site, all leftist, all the time, for example.  Covered in a thin veneer of "Good Governance."

The hypocrisy of the two former groups is obvious: those whining about oil use oil-based products practically every waking moment.  They want their products, everything from fuel, to clothes, to computers and medicines and so forth.  But they don't want us to use oil.

That's hypocrisy.

Don't want us to use oil?

Then feel free to stop using products based on the product you so, allegedly, despise.

The lies of the C3G2 haters are well documented here: driven by fringe-left partisan hatred under the guise of a completely fake name, it was partisan hackery based on the hatred of one man... their months-long, multiple denials notwithstanding.

And now, we get to a few nutjobs who are going to protest the prominent display of "In God We Trust" and, of course, their fringe-left mouthpiece, the democratian, lovingly amplifies the idiocy of these nutburgers because, after all, they hate David Madore as much as any other leftist here locally.

And their hypocrisy?

Simple, really: where is the phrase "In God We Trust" most prominently displayed?

On our money.

Does that mean these morons aren't going to use money?

Of course not.  They're throwing a fit to get attention, which this leftist publication is gladly providing.

It's the same idiocy with many of the same morons who protest the beginning prayer at Council meetings:  Never mind that Congress and the legislature, even the democrat-controlled House in this state, starts each days deliberations with prayer; that's the sort of thing the rag never really brought up as they tried to whip up the unwashed masses against this action.

Led by someone named "Karen Heneger," who is she?

Well, a quick google search shows her to be a partisan hack.

She was furious that Ed Barnes was appointed to the open commissioner seat after Steve "I can read the writing on the wall" Stuart got his pay off for voting to screw the people of this county by voting for the TriMet rape bailed out to get his cush, 6 figure gig as a city manager.

She seems to be an anti-gun zealot and a hard-core democrat activist.

She sees this as just another way to try and stick it to the conservatives on the commission.


Here's the thing:  I want everyone opposed to this to go out and gather every dime they have and give it away to charity.  After all, the objectionable phrase "In God We Trust" appears on all of it and we can't have you engaging in your faux outrage full time, can we?

The charities will appreciate it (Not that leftists generally give to charities, you understand) and you won't have to deal with the literally in your minds, filthy lucre.

But spare the histrionics.  Except for making you look stupid as you generate offense to make yourselves feel big, the fact is that generally, no one cares.

And, of course, your precious charter allows you the right to go gather thousands of signatures, put the question on the ballot, and vote it down, forcing the commissioners to remove the hated sign.


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Lew Waters said...

Hengerer has been especially vile in most of her comments, as if she has superiority over the rest of us.

But, it is quite amusing to watch these morons going so berserk over any mention of God and now calling for an E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) rally, considering how they have all but destroyed any semblance of being one in the country with their multiculturalism being used to divide us along every line imaginable.