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Ann Donnelly's weak effort for Jaime Herrera: Local GOP PCO wars.

Jaime's people are out there working it.

From the fringe-left democratian, rabid in their support of Herrera because she was unshakable in her support of the CRC/Loot Rail scam and they're terrified that her replacement might actually listen to the will of the people., to the mainstreamer types who'd sell their mothers to keep one of their own in office who will roll over on command when the idiot Speaker tells her to, we get this kind of nonsense.

But the fantasy sent out there by Donnelly takes the cake.

In setting the table for this, full disclosure:

I am no longer in the GOP.  Unlike some... such as, in this case, Donnelly, I can think for myself. My positions concerning the worthless caricature of a congresswoman who has proven herself to be an embarrassment since she was parachuted back here after an 11 year absence, including a few years as a gofer for Cathy McMorris, who desperately wants to be the next Jennifer Dunn; have been documented here since she was appointed to the state house, where she was ALSO a waste of time, effort and energy, except when it came to co-sponsoring SEIU bills and voting with the democrats.

I vote for the person, not the party.  I have never voted for Herrera and never will because I had that worthless twit pegged from the very beginning.

So, there's correspondence being sent around by both sides of this issue.  The outcome may boil down to which side can get their vote out.

But the result is all too often self-serving pap like this effort from ardent supporter Ann Donnelly.

This letter is a fabrication concerning this empty-suited leftist.

Herrera has been a wasted seat since her arrival.  A rabid CRC supporter who has voted to cut veteran's retirement and disability, Herrera did absolutely nothing to kill the CRC or to strip the hated light rail scam off of it, or to raise the bridge to a height where we would not need to pay a few businesses tens of millions of dollars because it needed to be built low enough to support loot rail.

The letter provided by Ann Donnelly, a former county GOP chair and current PCO, puts the "e" in "Establishment."  It represents a symptom of the problem the current state GOP leadership represents.

I've read the entire letter which attacks those who disagrees with Herrera's self-aggrandizement and use of her infant daughter as a campaign prop by restating most all the garbage that Herrera's PR arm and the Daily Democrat have already put out there.

Donnelly tells us that the local party should be ignored.  She offers no compelling reason to do that, except she likes Herrera, which is what's driving all of this.

She presumes to tell every PCO what their duty is.  As a PCO, she is, of course, free to vote her mainstream tenets all she likes.  But to tell anyone else how THEY should vote?

There's no excuse for that.  That's not her job.  She used to be somebody but here's thing:

I USED to be the Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party.

And no one should do a damned thing, one way or the other, because I USED to have that job.

Revisionist history doesn't help.  What's clear or not clear to Donnelly is crystal clear to me.  I'm sure she felt the same way when Marc Boldt got his butt kicked out of the party as well for the same reasons.

Those opposed to that move threw a snit like Donnelly, the rag solemnly announced that the GOP was dead here locally as a result, and Marc proceeded to rightfully get his ass kicked in the primary and the general.

In the end, any strong GOP candidate would win in the WA03.  It's not that people rallied around Herrera: they would have voted for GOP cocker spaniel running against the candidates in the last election.

It's also not that getting rid of Herrera would make any difference.  The GOP would still hold the seat and getting her out of politics might actually result in a real GOPer actually telling the truth and having the guts to do town hall meetings.

Donnelly's bizarre argument, that a majority of PCO's didn't vote on this issue is just that: bizarre. To me it's a no-brainer but it's as if on one hand she acknowledges that a vote took place, and then absolves all those PCO's who blew off the meeting (Including, come to think of it, Marc Boldt) from their failure to attend and that, a dn like in a few weeks, there won't be a final vote on the matter.

That a majority of the PCO's weren't apparently there is the same kind of bogus, leftist response that the losers in several elections around here have used:  "Well, we didn't have the majority of voters vote, therefore, this election doesn't mean anything."

Like bigger turn out would change anything.

Then, Donnelly has to flat out lie for Herrera, a back-bencher wallflower that Leadership, including McMorris, quickly determined was incapable of stringing together a coherent thought.  Otherwise, she'd be out there on TV like so many others are as a half-hispanic female leading the charge against the so-called democrat "war on women."

I almost blew chunks all over my keyboard when Donnelly babbled: "Beutler Herrera[sic- it's actually Herrera Buetler, is it not?] has conducted herself with distinction..."

Herrera is a coward who governs by press-release, does nothing, accomplishes nothing and whose major achievement to date has been to use her own, very ill infant daughter as a campaign prop.

And that is the most despicable thing about her to date.

The "distinction" she has is getting the less politically astute to think she opposed the CRC.  Notice that Donnelly failed to mention her efforts in that regard?

Maybe it's because there WEREN'T any?

She then quotes somebody who lives in her precinct who agrees with her (Donnelly).  What about quoting any of those in her precinct who DISAGREES with her?

And then, of several misleading and self-serving statements, these are among the most egregious.
"A note about the criticism that out Congresswoman' has had few town all meetings."
Even in defending that worthless shill, Donnelly feels compelled to lie about Herrera:

"Few" equates to "none" for several years.

Herrera is a coward.  A foolish and vain women.  She had a town hall meeting that didn't go well, and has none of the traditional town hall meetings as a result.  It has nothing to do with security, it has to do with the fact that the woman is a dullard, clumsy and not fast enough to think on her feet.

She has, however, met with a large number of people who have big check books, of course, because they aren't going to be part of a hostile crowd.
"I believe that the shooting several years ago of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords by a mentally ill individual in Arizona underscored the security concerns about such publicly announced town halls." 
I believe Ann Donnelly is a Herrera supporter and, as a result, there's no lie she won't tell to support her.

If the world had never heard of Gabby Giffords, Jaime Herrera STILL would not be holding town hall meetings.

The problem with this tripe is that Giffords, of course, was not shot at a town hall meeting; she was shot in a Safeway parking lot attending a "Congress on your corner" event, an event emulated by her replacement and many other members of congress who can't seem to EVEN think that security concerns should factor into the mix for them.

She had no security with her, a situation that could be easily fixed if our coward of a congresswoman would ever bother to hold a town hall meeting.

After all, scum like Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller hold town halls, and he's far more despised than our congressional empty suit.

And it's not like Herrera doesn't make public appearances: how many parades did she show up to attached to her infant campaign prop?  And if security was all THAT big of a concern, then why would she expose herself to a parade crowd but not a town hall crowd?

Further, of course, Herrera had made the cowardly decision to stop doing townhalls AFTER she held a town hall where she got her head handed to her in a basket... and that was AFTER the Giffords shooting.

The problem, of course, is that hundreds of other congressmen and women have the courage to hold these meetings.  No one that we've heard of has threatened to harm Ridgefield Barbie; after all, why would those opposed to her want to harm her?  She does more for her political enemies than they could ever do to her.

You see, it's not just that Herrera supporters have to lie for her, it's that they're willing to do it so badly.

In the end, the simplest way that Herrera could fix her situation would be to vote like a Republican and stop worrying about getting selfies with Obama and Russell Wilson.

Meanwhile, the major issues of the day come and go, and we don't hear one peep out of the Camas Manikin.  Nothing about ISIS, nothing about working for the oil terminal, nothing about women in combat, nothing about immigration, nothing about the A10, nothing about, nothing about, nothing about....

As it is now, she hasn't given a damn about the GOP since McMorris parachuted her in here back in late 07.  Frankly, I believe it's too late for her to start.

The woman is a do-nothing, self-promoting moron who has no business in Congress, and I hope the local GOP kicks her but out so far it takes a week for all of the parts to catch up with her.

When, hopefully, Herrera IS kicked out, I also hope it sends a message and I further hope it galvanizes GOP opposition to her re-election, since that's all she gives a damn about.

If only we could find a GOPer with some guts to take her on... another David Castillo, for example.

More when I get a clearer picture of the letter.

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