Saturday, February 07, 2015

The correlation of Brian Williams and Lou Brancaccio.

No one alive pats himself on the back more than Lefty Lou; his number one meme is that he's met somebody, knows somebody, brought someone their coffee.

Today was just such an example; there have been multiples of others who've had the misfortune to even be in the same city, let alone the same room as this clown.

Lou has lied repeatedly to forward his agenda: in everything from fake polling for the CRC Scam to the editorial endorsements the rag uses to carry the water of their fellow leftists.  The condition of the bridge, the insults of those opposed to this rip off... all of it comes from Lou Brancaccio's Brian Williamesque brand of "journalism" as his reporters forget the science of it and just become extensions of his psychosis and obsessions about, for example, David Madore.

Unlike Williams, however, as much as Lou has been caught lying either through omission or co-mission, he has to the best of my knowledge never admitted it publicly or apologized for his efforts to turn the rag into a democrat newsletter in the furtherance of his agenda.

Williams, on the other hand, is the penultimate example of Brancaccio and his minions.

I'm not going to go over the many reports of Williams' lies: they're many and growing.  Like Lefty's column, those stories are primarily used for self-aggrandizement and they now confirm what so many expected for so long: that the leftist media does not have any credibility when it comes to the truth.

What's odd about it is that Lou Brancaccio is no different than Brian Williams.

Their product is the same, although Lefty is so small-time, he'll never be read south of the Columbia or east of Larch, as opposed to Williams... radioactive in NBC's news coverage.

What's been so weird about all this is how Scott Campbell insists on letting him get away with it.

While two sources have confirmed to me that Lefty very nearly lost his job as a result of something akin to employee abuse, any other effort to keep him on the straight and narrow has yet to materialize.

And that's a shame.

A truthful, unbiased newspaper would be invaluable for a daily.

Unfortunately, we don't have that and haven't had it in the 28 years or so I've lived here since I left the Army.

The parallels between Williams and Brancaccio are obvious.  The concern over their duality?

Not so much.

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