Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Axelrod: Obama's a liar on gay marriage.

Face it: Obama is a lying scumbag.

And to the list of multiples lies that have seeped out of his pie-hole, we can add his "evolving" views on gay marriage... as if most hadn't already figured out.

Until Obama, there was no question that democrat Jimmy Carter was the worst president the country had ever known.  But what made him bad was that he was both incompetent and manipulable.  In short, he had the political savvy of a fence post, but wasn't malevolent as president.

Now we have a actual psychotic at the helm who IS genuinely malevolent.

The president is scum.  He lied to get elected (Our local versions of that include Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and Scott "No lie I won't tell" Weber; the former lying about his position on bridge tolls and the later lying about an effort to get rid of his job as an elected position.) he's lied repeatedly about his policies SINCE he was elected and now, as it turned out, he was lying about his position on gay marriage.

Gruber was right: the voters are stupid and the leftists count on it.

Axelrod book: Obama lied on same-sex marriage


The issue here isn't gay marriage, by the way.

The issue here is that we're burdened by a president who is a psychotic, narcissistic liar.

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