Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Benton-Berrigan connection, and Berrigan's irresponsibility.

Imagine my surprise when I read this little tidbit in my inbox:

There's a certain level of incompetence, irresponsibility and vindictiveness that anyone would put something up as fact, then indicate they "haven't read the bill," then ask to be corrected, as if this bullet can be unfired.

The question is this: why did Sen. Benton feel so compelled to immediately call Berrigan, lie to him about what happened, and then have his boy shoot off his mouth over something untrue?

The next question is this: why didn't Berrigan bother to get a bill number, followed by why didn't he read the bill BEFORE he shot off his pie-hole on it?

And most importantly, as he continues to act as Benton's butt-boy on his ongoing jihad against Rivers, why didn't Berrigan have the testicles available to call Rivers and get her take on it?

Can't he afford a cell phone?

Is his arm broke?

Is it any wonder that the public perception of much of the CCGOP is so much like Ron Paul himself.... the occasional good idea overshadowed by bat-shit crazy nonsense?

Everyone has the right to disagree with the actions of a legislator.  But they also have the responsibility to make sure that first, they know what they're talking about; next, that they check their facts first and finally, that, particularly a CCGOP official would have the balls to call the GOP legislator they're attempting to skewer.

In this case, there's no excuse for this idiocy.  If I were Rivers, I wouldn't be caught dead affiliating with a group of loose cannon like this.

I get that Benton is hate driven.  I know he's been playing people over the causes and reality of his removal from leadership, just like when he played his own caucus to join with a lockstep democrat vote to get his buddy Pam Roach elected President Pro Tem of the Senate, and we've all come to find out what a whack job she's turned into.

I'm looking forward to Berrigan's post about the Benton-Roach betrayal of the GOP Caucus on THAT vote.

But I don't believe I'm going to hold my breath on that one.

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