Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Putting the "In God We Trust" issue to bed... for now.

Tolerance has become a one way street.

This is an issue where we said that the issue is freedom OF religion and not "freedom FROM religion."

We saw leftist bigotry masquerading as free speech today, but that is to be expected: hatred is their meme.

Reiterating that all of this could have been avoided merely by putting the motto up as a fait accompli, along with my stance that I don't care one way or the other, save for the fact that the opposition was primarily leftist and out-of-state hate-based (Did you see all the blithering YDCC t-shirt wearers up there?) partisan hacks and I always like to see those mutts fail, they got thru the whole thing in 4.5 hours.

Today's leftist exhibition of butt-hurt was entirely partisan-based: none of the reasons to oppose this were based on any substantive issue.  Traditional and legal bases throughout this country abound.  There was neither a legal nor moral reason to oppose this; Councilor Stewart's suggestion that there was some sort of requirement for "consensus" on such an issue that she even admitted was benign was impossible for me to fathom.

The C3G2 haters and Lefty Lou will laud her.  The rest of us will scratch our collective heads... much like many of us have over the entirety of this episode, given the ability to just do it.

Now, to the haters, here's a golden opportunity to exercise that scam of a charter you lied into existence.

You know.... show us how it's done and all that rot.

I look forward to the effort.... but I ain't holding my breath.  After all, "principle" with these slime only goes so far.

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