Saturday, January 03, 2015

Today's democratian lie: they "get" it.

How do you know the democratian's lying?

They print something.

We can start with this bilge:
Jeers: To county Councilor David Madore's latest silly attempt to gut public transit in general, and C-Tran in particular. Look, we get it: Madore knows that not too many voters ride the bus, and that a C-Tran style system can only operate with taxpayer subsidies. Therefore, in his thinking, it should be disposed of, no matter the fact that it serves a variety of audiences who cannot drive, cannot afford to drive or choose not to drive.
Madore's latest gambit is to reduce bus fares to 25 cents in order to promote ridership. It's unclear why this would even be a goal. Wouldn't it be most prudent to offer the best service to riders at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers?
Like everything... and I mean EVERYTHING David Madore does or wants to do, these scum condemn it.

I don't ride buses.  I'm fortunate enough not to need to, and since I do everything I possibly can to keep myself and my wallet out of the Vancouver Soviet, and the whole point of CTrans is to subsidize Vancouver, I have zero need.

That said, I had no idea that Madore was trying this.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  I admit I have no clue.  The democratian, locked into their hate jihad against Madore, has zero idea either but they just saw this as an opportunity to take another shot at Madore so they took it.

As always, if Madore were to find a cure for cancer, the scum at this leftist embarrassment would bitch about the shape of the test tubes.

I don't know if this idea can work.  I do know that since it's Madore's idea, the pigs running the rag will automatically condemn it.

As a rule, this community is best served by opposing any position taken by the slime at the local excuse for a newspaper.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is far too much of an arcane concept for these lowlifes, and like everything else, they condemn without offering any alternative. What, for example, have these dregs offered up and/or supported as an alternative to their hated CRC Scam?


And that's yet another sign of the hatred-driven existence of Lefty Lou.

As for me, given the damage CTran has caused this community, I would give a rat's butt if it shut down completely tomorrow.

Imagine how much money we'd save if it would?

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