Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hinton: Oil terminal opponents' arguments are typically a lie.

Look, I get that the rag is run by a fringe-left nutter hater. and that, along with Lefty Lou's anti-Madore psychotic obsession, such is what drives their positions.

When lies are the order of the day as a news policy, it's not surprising that their editorial policy would follow suit.

Here's the reality: the oil is coming.  The bizarre downtown mafia's whining about it is much like their whining and lies about the CRC: the idea that if they tell a lie long enough and loud enough it will somehow, magically, become the truth.

Here's the thing:  The only question is which local economy is going to benefit from this oil.

The whining by the rag and some of the downtown mafia, not to mention the fringe-left haters, is based essentially on their bizarre and unsupportable environmental communism... the same kind of crap that drove their CRC/Loot Rail scam.

The lies over the issue of the taxpayer-paid downtown redevelopment rip off, as much a waste of money as all of the other wastes of money the Vancouver Soviet represents (Can you say, "Pollard Hilton?"  I KNEW you could!) are based not on practical political or financial reality.... particularly, not on the financial reality... but instead are based on their head-in-the-sand, fringe-left philosophies and their desire to run the world... all while dealing with it like the caricature of an ostrich.

Head full on buried in the sand, body completely exposed.

The oil IS coming: there's nothing these whack jobs can do about it.

So, does our community reap the benefit of the several full time, family wage jobs that come with it?

Do we get the economic benefit?

The liars running and shilling this project would tell you "no," because they base their argument on aesthetics... like their precious waste of hundreds of millions (That I'm hearing they can't afford and that never penciled out) could not be designed around that problem... but they have yet to explain how they intend to blot out the poor aesthetics of the entire Port.

Nor do these hypocrites explain their reliance on petroleum-based products.

Ink, for example, is petroleum based.  These same morons rail against these oil trains and the terminal... but they fail to address their own reliance on oil-based products.

They want the benefits of the product they so despise without having to deal with the issues of infrastructure.

Ports are, by definition, never going to be works of art.

In part because of that simple idiot in the White House's refusal to allow the Keystone Pipeline, the oil will be transported by rail.

The fringe-left nutburgers opposed to this project are the same kind of morons who rabidly support Obama's stupidity on Keystone.

It's not about the environment.  It's not their "safety" canard.

It's their philosophy.

In the last election, for example, the left ran a woman by the name of Maureen "Bully" Winningham.

There was no lie that hypocrite wouldn't spout.  And among her many lies was her attack against Rep. Pike over the fact that she took money from the pro-side of the oil terminal for her campaign.

That it was true is as far as it went wasn't the issue: that dozens of her prospective democrat colleagues, including uber-fringe-leftist Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller HAD DONE THE EXACT, SAME, THING.

Being manipulated by hypocrites like those who oppose this project is nothing new.  In life generally, and politics particularly, this sort of thing is to be expected.

And that's the deal behind the rag's numerous idiotic editorials and Brancaccian hissy-fits: to attempt to manipulate you into doing their bidding, much like they've manipulated the hypocrites at the C3G2 hater site along with their fellow ignorants into doing their bidding... or, at least some of it.

And the end result is the lies like those spewed by that leftist apologists for those who pay Jayne.

I want the terminal built here.  If it's built here, the waterfront development scam WILL go forward, after all, the money they've wasted on it is non-refundable and it comes from a bottomless pit... namely, taxpayers.

But I would urge the reader to remember the pattern of lies this cancerous wart of a paper spews on a regular basis.  The lies about the Pollard Hilton, the lies about the CRC/Loot Rail, the lies about advisory votes, the lies about candidates, the lies about fairness.

When it comes to the rag's agenda... there is no lie these scum will not tell to support their worldview and their agenda.

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