Saturday, January 03, 2015

Lefty Lou psychosis: Cuomo.

I don't give a damn that Mario Cuomo died.  So what?

The lowest ranking private killed in combat is geometrically more important and geometrically less cared about by slimeballs like our erstwhile fringe-left hater of a newspaper editor.

But because Lefty Lou has, essentially, destroyed his own shoulder patting himself on the back while dislocating his own jaw from name-dropping, it was not surprising that he'd want us all to think that Cuomo could remember him, Lefty, 10 minutes after stepping on him.

Of course Lefty would use his death to attempt... and fail... to get us all to think that what the narcissistic, arrogant, psychotic local newspaper fuhrer thinks actually matters.

So, it's not terribly surprising that Lefty has a picture with Cuomo that he'll go out of his way to print.

No one gives a shit, of course, and that certainly isn't news.  But the most dangerous place on the planet is between Lefty Lou and self-aggrandizement.  He'll run you over like a truck to take the opportunity to make others think he's worthwhile.  (Two editors, One cup.)

Here's the thing, dillwad: nobody cares.

I'm sure Lefty's got other pictures and when others who fancy themselves celebrities die, he'll pull out even more pictures that serve to reenforce the false meme that what a psycho democrat newsletter editor writes or says, matters.

But here's the thing, Lefty: like your predeccessor, when you do us all a favor and leave, either the rag itself or this mortal coil at all?

No one is going to put pictures up of them... sitting with you.  Like Koenninger, the only emotion that will be felt locally will not include a sense of loss: instead, it will involve a sense of relief.

If only you'd ponder why that might be.  And then do something about it.

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Lew Waters said...

It should be no surprise that Lefty makes Cuomo's death about himself. After all, back in 2010 when former First Lady Laura Bush made an appearance in town, his editorial was more about him than her, even when she took a slap at him in her speech (according to his editorial).

Mrs. Bush: Quite the class act!

The guy is a first class attention whore.