Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The hypocrisy of the Lazy C editorial: Voter's Will Followed.

Most readers know me so well that they already know what this post is going to say.

When a vote takes place and it's on the up and up (Unlike the pot initiative, the gun grabber initiative and the Charter scam, all 3 of which involved campaigns of lies and deceit) I'm all about the "will of the people."

I don't fear that will.  I, in fact, embrace it.

For example, I opposed the gay marriage initiative.  That said, the people passed it at the polls, so, it's the law and that's that... until, or unless, somebody comes along and reverses it through the ballot.

I appreciate the fact that the Senate has adopted the 2/3rd's Rule.  That thing has passed the vote of the people by overwhelming numbers almost as many times as the democratian has lied this week.


That said, the "will of the people" switch ALWAYS needs to be in the "on" position.

Those elected should always honor it.  This excuse of a newspaper should always honor it.  They should be a voice for that will, not acting as if it doesn't exist when it runs counter to their worldview; not a self-appointed group of liars and bullies who will hammer those most effective in fighting to have the people's will implemented when that will opposes that of Lefty Lou.

And they frequently, all too frequently, don't honor that will as much as they attack, ridicule and ignore it. 

We all remember this, don't we?

Take the fireworks vote, for example.

It was an advisory vote on the ballot; fireworks lost, and that should be the law county wide.  I wrote that at the time, I support that now and was disappointed by what I considered to be some prevarication on the part of Commissioner Madore who felt compelled to parse those results based on the geography of the county.

The people of this county have REPEATEDLY made their position on the CRC Scam, loot rail and the BRT rip off clear to those in office... AND the cancer on our community known as the Columbian.

And that position as routinely ignored by the arrogant scum in office and our local sad excuse for a newspaper on a frequent, if not routine, basis.  There's been no alternative presented to address our cross-river transportation problems, for example.  Why not?  Is that not the expressed will of the people?

I am never impressed when the rag waits to get out in front of a popularly expressed opinion.  The rag, which once again endorsed Jim "Molehill" Moeller's reelection, seems to have forgotten the Candy Man's joining of the lawsuit that threw out the 5 time expressed will of not only his district, but the entirety of this state on FIVE separate occasions.

How is the will of the people such a big deal on this issue, but something to be ignored, ridiculed and attacked when that will runs afoul of the democratian's agenda on the issues most important to us?

The problem here isn't that THIS editorial is wrong; it's not.

The problem is that they don't apply the same standard to EVERY time the will of the people is expressed.... even when THEY don't like it.

That's just part and parcel of why I despise this rag.

Situational ethics: it's what's for supper.

For them.

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