Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yawn: WSRP backs Herrera. So what?

Naturally, the rag is backing their pet, pro-CRC scamming congresscritter with some notice (Press release) that is typically misleading: the fact is that the WSRP does not back Herrera; Susan Hutchinson does.  Those two things are certainly different, and the rag is deliberately misleading.... as if that's different.

The WSRP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ubiquitous Bellevue Mafia.  So is Herrera.  Why would anyone believe they'd say anything different?

The problem here locally is that the CCGOP feels compelled to discuss this internal matter with the media.... and an unfriendly, actually hostile media at that.

The CCGOP Chair's decision to debate this in public is a mistake.  The ONLY response to ANY question, EVER, from the democratian should always be "no comment."

To suggest that the democratian cares about accuracy or fairness... to suggest that they would do anything but cast the local party in anything but an unfavorable light is to suggest that the Nazi Party newspaper would have been fair in an interview with a rabbi.

In this instance, less is more.  In the end, what Hutchinson thinks or does not think is completely irrelevant: Herrera does not represent Hutchinson, she allegedly represents US.  The decision, in it's entirety, is up to the local party.

That said, there is absolutely nothing the local GOP can do to achieve fairness or a lack of bias on the part of the editorializing in this article typically masquerading as "reporting" in a democrat newsletter.

Stop.  Stop trying.  Everyone shut the hell up.  Just shut up, stop commenting officially or unofficially and throw this idiot out.

She's just another RINO, doing what she's told and ignoring us.  That's what she's been doing since McMorris parachuted her in here to take Baird on.

Or don't.  And allow them to keep using you as a piƱata.

It's up to you.

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