Saturday, January 17, 2015

Missing the democrat outrage: Feinstein's husband gets them both $1 billion from government deal.

Predictably, the cricket chirp response by the left goes to the heart of the matter. and that matter is their institutional double standard.

Where would this discussion be if the senator in question had been, say, a Republican?

We wouldn't be able to crack a newspaper or turn a knob into the "on" position without hearing about it.

Meanwhile, predictably, our local left remains silent.

Well, for me, there is no silence.  For me, I'd be condemning this no matter which side benefits.

No family member of any politician should be able to financially benefit from any deal with the government.

I blasted my own brother-in-law, Marc Boldt for lending county money to a contractor so his wife could get paid as an employee of that contractor.

In the legislature, for example, state employees who happened to be elected vote on their own pay raises and benefits.  They should, by definition, recuse themselves from any vote even related to that.

But no one says anything.


Because the vast majority in that position are, you guessed it, democrats.

Senator’s husband stands to profit big from government deal


Richard Johnson

Ever wonder how lowly paid lawmakers leave office filthy rich?
Sen. Dianne Feinstein is showing how it’s done.
The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate company of the California senator’s husband, Richard Blum, is set to pocket about $1 billion in commissions.
Blum’s company, CBRE, was selected in March 2011 as the sole real estate agent on sales expected to fetch $19 billion. Most voters didn’t notice that Blum is a member of CBRE’s board and served as chairman from 2001 to 2014.
This feat of federal spousal support was ignored by the media after Feinstein’s office said the senator, whose wealth is pegged at $70 million, had nothing to do with the USPS decisions.
When the national debt is $18 trillion, a billion seems like small change.

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