Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brancaccio lies again: why HE does it.

Our community is cursed to have an editor of the daily democrat newsletter who has some issues.

If you were to open up a dictionary and look up the term "narcissist," you'd likely find Lefty Lou's smiling, soaked in an industrial drum sized amount of "Just For Men" dripping down his face, picture.

He uses this rag that he's turned into nothing more than a despicable caricature of a fishwrapper as a club, a bludgeon, to attack those he hates (Almost anyone who opposes his agenda) while lying his editorial ass off through omission or commission to cover the scum who support his world view, essentially, anyone to the right of Mao who supports such idiocies as the CRC/Loot Rail scam, the moronic ball park idiocy and the waste of taxpayer's millions known as the waterfront project.

I have, essentially, disagreed with the rag since I arrived here in the last 80's from my active duty Army stint.

A newspaper has no function of ramming it's vision down the throat of the people.  It should, instead, to be successful, reflect the will of the people, fight for the will of the people... crusade for the will of the people... all while truthfully informing the people instead of engaging in censorship as an editorial policy.

THAT is what the scumbag running this cancer on our community does.  And the reason HE does it is to injure those opposed to him.

Truth is a meaningless construct to people like Lefty and his minions.  Facts are something to be scoffed at.  Lies, exaggerations and bias are the hallmark of Lefty Lou and his ilk since he got here.

And that's why he does it.  Because he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, immersed in his megalomania while he fails to provide the service a real newspaper should: unbiased, factual, truthful information that results in an informed public instead of acting as a mouthpiece to whip up the ignorant left as if anyone cared what they thought... all while covering for them and attempting to further his... and their... agenda, like his recent stupidity over Cleveland/Moeller's waste of time bill on transportation.

This fish has rotted from the head down. 

Remember who that head is.

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