Friday, January 16, 2015

When Jim "Molehill" Moeller lies. Again.

State Representative Jim "Molehill" Moeller (Communist - 49) is a liar.

There is no lie he won't tell when it comes to his agenda.  His agenda is, like that of most communists, one where he is perfectly capable and willing to lie.  The post below is precisely that: a lie.

Jim Moeller · · Top Commenter · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington · 141 followersIf a individual attempts to enter the viewing gallery of the House on Monday and they openly carry a firearm they will be turned away by the WSP. The speaker believes and would like to remind people, that an openly carried firearm is like any other prop or demonstration which is NOT ALLOWED (according to the House rules adopted by BOTH caucuses the 1st day) in the viewing galleries or on the House floor by members.
This, of course, is not true.  they ARE allowed.

Instead of admitting he screwed up by shooting off his pie hole last July, he has to double down on his stupidity...
This has nothing to do with anyone's 2nd amendment rights or the right to "bear arms" as individuals are welcome to bring firearms into the capital but they must be concealed both in the gallery and on the floor. Rules define us from the jungle and allow us to conduct the business of the people without intimidation. They are also traditional and while some traditions are worth keeping, they also connect us to past legislatures. Individuals would not be allowed to have signs or banners or shout from the galleries or on the House floor at the speaker to influence the debate - an openly carried firearm is treated no differently.
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This absolutely is about the 2nd Amendment.  Moeller can no more replace a law with a rule then he can claim he's straight.

The next lie from Moeller came shortly after:
Jim Moeller · · Top Commenter · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington · 141 followers
Frank Decker If you arrive with your firearm ON YOUR HIP and attempt to enter the House galleries you will be turned away by the WSP. The speaker would like to remind you that a displayed firearm is considered a prop and/or a demonstration which is NOT ALLOWED according to the House rules adopted by BOTH caucuses. If it is concealed, like other members on the floor or in the galleries, I will preside and conduct business as usual.
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They will be there.  They will be armed and they will be unconcealed.

Whatever will Jimmy do then, throw a hissy-fit?  It's kind of cool that this moron would allow one person, sitting in the gallery with a weapon exposed to grind the wheels of government to a halt by their mere presence.

Frank Decker sums it up:
Frank Decker · Top CommenterAn interesting update: I was contacted by an AP reporter this afternoon who had contacted both the House and Senate this morning after hearing about Mr. Moeller's comments below concerning "house rules adopted day #1". Turns out no new rules have been adopted and that it appears Jim once again took some creative liberty in describing the situation. In fact, this reporter called the WSP and confirmed that the only restriction to open carry in the gallery they will be enforcing is "behavior" that is contrary to state law, not the physical act of open carry. It seems Jim and Frank decided it was time to include open carry under the definition of the existing house rules of "no props". All of this could change given all four caucuses are debating this issue today, but isn't it interesting how the truth always seems to find its way to the surface? Shame on you, Jim Moeller. If your earlier posts on this weren't outright lies, they were at the very least intentionally deceptive.
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You see, it's not just that Moeller, a proper scumbag, lies.  It's just that like most fringe-left scum, he lies so badly.

But THAT he lies isn't surprising.  He has ever since I moved here the better part of 30 years ago.

So, what do we expect?

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