Sunday, January 18, 2015

Greg Jayne's confusion over the Herrera spanking.

The confusion is obvious: Greg Jayne seems to think that what he writes in defense of the Columbian's bitch (And I mean that in the most respectful way: after all, this kind of response was to be expected as they leap to defend their champion of the CRC Scam) actually matters to anyone.

There.  I said it.

Well, that's where his confusion comes in.

I seem to remember this same type of response of these whacked out, fringe-leftists (That is to say, the Greg Jayne types) when the local party actually stood up on it's hind legs and kicked out my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.

They wrote the exact same kind of tripe then as Jayne wrote now.  They do what they always do as the bullies in the neighborhood: they ridiculed and attacked.

They were wrong then and they were wrong now.  But preaching to the choir is what these scum do.

That anyone who matters in this issue gives a damn about any leftist's take on it?

That's where the confusion comes in.

That Jayne is wearing out a set of knee-pads in front of Herrera... again... is an extension of Lefty Lou's "defend them if they supported the CRC Scam" edict.

Not surprising.

But is this where I point out that when Hitler ran for re-election, he, too, received a large majority?  Did his party not win 33 of 35 parliamentary districts?

Did that it make it right?

As a leftist, naturally Jayne and the democratian would want a RINO, working against the GOP, to win election... allegedly, as a Republican.

That's what they wanted for Boldt, why would Herrera be any different?

So, yes, the confusion on the left appears to be not only what's going on.... but why it's going on... and that anyone would give a damn what they thought about this issue which is, start to finish, none of their business.

The irony in all of this is that fringe-leftist nutjobs like Jayne and lefty Lou would have those who disagree with anything they support on a political level just sit back and accept our inevitable rape.  As shepherds of leftist, neo-communist sheep, I suppose that attitude on their part is to be expected.

But the idea that their self-described superior knowledge should somehow stamp out the ability of those who disagree to present a viewpoint which the rag disagrees with would be anathema to them if they applied it to themselves.  And the additional irony of Jayne pointing out that 62% or so of the people voting were fooled into casting a ballot for the Camas Manikin should mean something... well, it's never meant a DAMNED thing to the rag on the issues they hold near and dear to THEIR heart.

And the word for that is "hypocrite."

Can there be any doubt that Greg's self-flagellating column is causing sleepless nights amongst the local GOP leadership?  Well, maybe.  But not likely.

I'm sure, in fact, that the GOP cares as much about this as the left cares what the GOP thinks about Tim Sheldon.

As always, the best course for anyone with an "R" after their name is to ignore the rag completely.  If you're an elected Republican, do yourself a favor and just talk to the Reflector...a newspaper that still remembers what it's like to be a newspaper instead of a leftist swindle sheet.

Greg, I hope you can see a specialist to remove that tennis racket I just wrapped around your skull.

Just sayin'.

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