Monday, January 19, 2015

Where Wylie blows it on the gun issue.

Look, it's not that I ever expected Rep. Sharon Wylie (Communist - 49) to come out and describe Jim "Molehill" Moeller as a blithering idiot.

But this whole issue has absolutely nothing to do with "free speech" or "fear."  And why she would lie about that is a mystery to me.

The stupidity of her take (below) is simple: if someone was going to come up into the gallery and begin to blow representatives away, having a weapon exposed or hidden would make precisely zero difference.

In fact, chances are that if someone REALLY meant harm to anyone in the House, you wouldn't see them OR their weapon until it was far too late.

So for either Wylie or Moeller to talk out their collective asses over an issue they know absolutely nothing about has to go far beyond the issue of their unreasonable "fear" or "discomfort."

Wylie's comfort level is in no way a subject to my rights.

Every time the left takes a vote, I am "fearful."  Every time they want to steal more money out of my wallet to pay off their buddies, I am "fearful."  Does that mean I have the right to shut them up because their words make me afraid?

Of course not.

So, here's the fringe-left, utterly worthless babble of yet another neo-communist who wants to take our guns away because of HER comfort level.

I want to share some thoughts about the open carry issue. First, free speech is something most of us agree is important. Even though some speech makes us put our hands over our children's ears, roll our eyes and grit our teeth. The right of some glaring, gun-rights fan to come into a public place of debate, whether it is the state House of Representatives, a local school board meeting, a city council meeting or a public park and make others worry about their safety should not trump the rights of others wishing to speak freely. It is not crazy to feel nervous around strangers waving assault rifles.

Yes, that is an awful sentence. 

But my right to speak without fear is important too. We know that the lack of civility in our public life is pushing people away from participating in our democracy. I think that folks who carry weapons should be able to pass a background check. I think that folks who do should be able to carry concealed weapons when they need to. And I think places where we want people to speak freely should be free of threat and intimidation. Just because you can does not mean you should. I do not want to feel like a target while doing the peoples business! 
Most if the folks I know with guns treat others with more respect than these extremists do.
This KIND of "reasoning," (using the term loosely) is the kind of babble that dictators and totalitarians have been using through out history to justify their actions.

I-594, for example, does NOTHING to punish those who break the law with guns.  It is, instead, more of an effort to punish the law-abiding for the actions of the law breaking.

That a leftist who is not armed expresses fear over someone who is merely because of the presence of a weapon is not doing so for any reason except to force everyone else to be like they are.

If Wylie or anyone else is going to be afraid merely because of the presence of a gun, then they need psychiatric help. But this additional effort to keep weapons out of sight... and as a result, out of mind?

That speaks to a different, more insidious plan... a Moeller-like plan.

It explains nothing, it justifies nothing, and it's not surprising that the fringe-left democrat sheep would be lathered in their hero-worship because she's attempting to make up excuses for her actions and her thought processes.

And the democrats, hypocrites that they are, further these excuses as a political policy.

But if I were to express "fear" at anything the left says or does, MY "fear" of leftist policies and actions would be utterly and completely meaningless to them.

But then, that's how these clowns roll.

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