Tuesday, December 02, 2014

When is rape, rape? The hypocrisy of Vancouver's Fee Waiver and hatred of David Madore.

Pigs, as we know, are pigs.

You can apply a foot of lipstick, in depth, to a pig... and it's still a pig.

Haters like RINO Greg Kimsey and Lefty Lou have been trumpeting Kimsey's election hit-piece on the county, rife with falsehoods, inconsistencies and exaggerations and designed not to tell anything approaching the truth (Kind of like Kimsey's campaign piece on the Charter in the voter pamphlet) but instead to use their respective bully pulpits to beat the hell out of their political enemies, making all these horrific (And quite false) claims about how the county fee waiver hasn't accomplished a thing.

Of course, none of the county commissioners have done ANYTHING properly if the left and our local daily democrat newsletter are to be observed... or believed.

Meanwhile, Lefty and his winged monkeys continue to use Kimsey's hit piece as a cudgel, which, after all, is what it was meant to be used for, against David Madore.

Which brings us to the title question: when is a rape a rape?

To hear the left, Kimsey and Lefty Lou tell it, as taxpayers, we're being raped.  That, in fact, the county fee waiver has been THE dumbest thing to happen around here since Scott Campbell hired The Great Bankruptor, Lefty Lou, himself.

So, what does the city of the Vancouver Soviet do, having watched the county's inarguable success with THEIR fee waiver program?

The exact... same... thing.  They fear big business locating in unincorporated Clark County, so they're throwing them a bone.  You know, kind of the exact same thing the county is doing?

Oh, they're going to peculiar pains to say that it's NOT the exact same thing; after all, to DO the exact same thing is to put the lie to all the haters and to acknowledge that Madore is, in fact, right on the fee waiver issue.

In fact, LULAC Racist apologist Jack Burkman is even flying around the comment section to make SURE we all know "it's not the same."

Sure it isn't, Jack.  And the rape now advocated by the Vancouver Soviet isn't the rape advocated by the county commissioners.... if the fee waiver can be considered "rape" at all.

No, with Burkman and the rest of the leftist haters, it's only a matter of degree.

With them, it's not a "blanket" rape.  It's only a "kinda sorta" rape.

And the Burkmans and the Stephonies of the democratian will do everything they can to spin this so the ignorant and the left will keep telling us that it IS different.

You know, like they told us for months the Charter Scam had nothing to do with David Madore?  Like that?

Same people.  Same lies.

Instead, these fringe-left scum are only going to apply these bribes to the rich... and ignore the struggle small businesses that can actually benefit from it.  Burkman and his leftist henchmen want to cherry pick the biggest businesses and let the little guys whither on the vine.

That's the fact of the matter.  Oh, they'll spin it like a top, you see.  But here's the thing: I will do the absolute best I can to avoid any business using this hypocrisy as an excuse to locate in the Vancouver Soviet.

Not because I disagree with this policy, which I do.  But because anyone locating their operations in the Vancouver Soviet is an idiot... and I don't want to buy the products of or do business with idiots.  I wouldn't be caught dead living or working in Vancouver with their scumbag government of corruption (Look up Kasab and business deals with the city of Vancouver and draw your own conclusions) and this rank stench of hypocrisy, which will, of course, be aided and abetted by the Daily Democrat.

It's how these slime do business around here.  It's the Downtown Mafia/Identity Vancouver/Chamber of Horrors/CRUDEC crowd.  There's more incest south of 39th and Main than there is in Cougar.

"Rape" is an unambiguous term.  If what the commissioners are doing is all that horrific (And it isn't; my property taxes aren't going to go up... are they going up in the Vancouver Soviet?  Absolutely.) then why is the Vancouver Soviet doing anything even approaching the same thing?

Remember folks: it's not what these clowns SAY that matters: it's what they do.  And no matter how they spin it, these slime are doing the EXACT same thing the commissioners are doing.

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