Tuesday, December 02, 2014

So: when is the local CCGOP going to act against RINO Greg Kimsey?

Time's up.

It's time for RINO Greg Kimsey to have his ass kicked out of the GOP... to be "Boldted" as it were.

We know what he's done.  We know that he's broken the law.  And I appreciate the legal effort ongoing against this slime ball.

But more than that must be done.

And I want to know: what's the hold up?

Tony Golik is in an interesting political position.  Reviewing the evidence, it's clear that Kimsey shattered the law and used the voter pamphlet as a campaign piece for his pet Charter.  And given the closeness of the outcome, (A 3.36% swing in the other direction would have resulted in a different outcome) it may have proven the difference.

If Golik fails to move a true bill, or indict, or file charges or whatever the outcome here, then others will, since that is our right.

But regardless of the outcome, Kimsey's political betrayal of the people generally and the GOP particularly cannot go unpunished. There must be consequences for that, just like there were consequences for Boldt's slavish devotion to the Downtown Mafia.

Kimsey campaigned for and worked for the left in this election.  His hatred of Madore is almost as legendary as his violation of the public trust in this most recent election cycle.  The only question is this:

What is the local GOP going to do about it POLITICALLY... and when?

"Nothing" is the wrong answer, by the way.

There's more to being a local political organization than taking credit for positive outcomes.  There's also the scut work of party discipline... and while the leftists will howl, Kimsey can always quit screwing around and switch parties.

You can't tell the difference between him and Moeller anyway... politically, that is.

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