Tuesday, December 02, 2014

More on the Ferguson race wars embroiling the country.

Absent American leadership.  Rampant race-baiting.  Using blacks as political tools.

Black blood gets all the publicity. Blacks are slaughtering each other at a record rate. Let blacks slaughter whites, and it's no big deal. In fact, recently, that very thing has been happening... you have to work to find it, of course, because race baiting sells.

Oddly, when I was in the Army, I learned that the color of blood is indistinguishable, regardless of it's source.

But this is the fruit we as a nation have borne by virtue of inculcating minorities with the "victim" gene.

Their failures are always someone else's fault. Their successes are in SPITE of the efforts of non-minorities around them, and not because of them.

We fight as a society to revel in our differences. Black, Asian, women history months. My half-Filipino son did not need Affirmative Action to become a law student at UofO. But he could have used it by virtue of claiming his Asian half.

But how is it that he achieved all those academic awards in high school? How did he do so well at the UDub?

His blood is the same as mine. His skin color is slightly different. He was born in on the East German Border. (Fulda) He's a multi-national Asian/Islander who has lived a life and achieved great things based on WHO he is and not WHAT he is.

The only thing galvanizing the race baiters is the color of Michael Brown's skin. It's the excuse of victimization. These clowns are acting this way because we, as an American society, have fostered this kind of response.

Instead of, for example, making it more difficult to get welfare, we make it easier. Instead of making it more difficult to vote, we belittle and devalue the franchise by making it easier. Instead of developing a society where we demand that everyone take responsibility for their own actions, we make allowances for those who "can't help it."

Michael Brown is dead. And that is a tragedy. But it is a tragedy of his own making on a course he set for, and traveled for, himself. The response to that has been even worse but it serves as a cautionary tale.

His parents blame everyone but themselves. And they are now acting the quintessential victims. Does anyone REALLY wonder how Brown turned into a gigantic, 300 pound thug?

But that's different.

It's ALWAYS different. Because that's the way we, as a society, have built it to be.

And at some point, if this ship of state isn't righted... and soon... blood is going to flow. And those behind all this won't like the outcomes at all.

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