Monday, December 01, 2014

Brancaccio: full on facebook moron.

In addition to his psychotic Madore obsession, Lefty Lou is very big on shooting off his mouth.

To "friends."

There's something going on at the county.  Lefty believes he knows what it is.  He wants the widest possible dispersion of his FB post, because, well, God knows, it's not like he works at a newspaper or something so that he could just write it out there for all to see yet another personal attack.

So, after blocking access to his FB page to anyone not a "friend," he tries to outblog me, and then says "please share:"

Not knowing (or caring) that his security settings keep that from happening.

So, at the end of the day, Brancaccio throws a fit as part of his Madore jihad, and then wants people to share it without sourcing it.

Brilliant.  And oh, so Lefty.

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That Mielke isn't "circumventing" anything is besides the point: the Charter is not yet in effect.  Until it is, then it's as if it doesn't exist.

In congress, for example, none of the newly elected senators and members of congress have assumed office.  Will Lefty Lou attack Patty "The State Cow" Murray and Maria "Roundheels" Cantwell when they continue to vote Obama's agenda because those just elected haven't yet assumed office?

Of course not.  Scum has no scruples.

Oddly, our editorial hypocrite shared no such concerns when The Liar got rid of the county's veto... certainly in the face of widespread opposition... and the CTran Board repeatedly has "circumvented" the express will of the voters at the polls on BRT, haven't they?

Our resident hypocrite hasn't moved a strand of his fake-colored hair out of place of THAT "circumvention."


Why, because Lefty is a hypocritical, fringe-left psychotic hater inculcated with a double standard and stupid enough to believe the tripe he writes when he says garbage like this snippet to the left:

When Lefty says that he "doesn't care about the label on a person," he is a flat out, grade AA fucking liar.

As I have just shown the reader, we have a commission that routinely "circumvents" the will of the people every time it meets.  The majority of the people on the CTran Board are among the worst political scum this county has.  They blithely ignore the expressed will of the people, they've stupidly abrogated their authority to an unelected, out of state board, all while the slimeball editor of the local rag has said nothing, his silence a show of support for this criminal stupidity.

"Circumvent" indeed.

"Don't care about the label on a person," indeed.

In the words of the scumbag who used to work for him, one John "Pit Yorkie" Laird...


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