Thursday, December 11, 2014

The "pay-per-mile" scam.

With a voracious state government constantly looking for ways to squeeze more money out of us, it's not surprising that the enterprising leftists infesting us are looking for additional and innovative ways to increase their filthy lucre for their pet programs... including jacking up our gas tax revenue to keep their social engineering funded.

There are a wide variety of steps that need to be taken before we even think about additional gas tax revenue:

Limiting the application of pay-per-mile to electric cars makes some modicum of sense, but we are already paying gas taxes when we put the gas into our respective tanks... for our non-electrics.

Ultimately, there is no need for this program.  Much of this funding as received is hijacked for all of the leftist feel-good scams that we don't need or want and which have nothing to do with the only thing gas tax SHOULD go for: the maintenance and development of additional roads.

When I first moved here in 1988, the county population was somewhere in the vicinity of 200,000 or so so.  Since then, our population has doubled and our road surface requirements have climbed with that.

No concerted effort to keep up with that growth has been made; on the contrary, the fringe-leftist social engineers among us have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on their plans to get us out of our cars while billions of dollars in gas tax revenue have been ripped off for non-road related purposes: mainly light rail and mass transit.

So, until the gas tax revenue is used ONLY for road construction and maintenance; until we get rid of the sales tax the state charges itself to build these projects (Just one of the many creative and hidden ways they use to rip off gas tax monies for general purposes since the sales tax funds typically go into the general fund for use on whatever they want it for.) until we get rid of the organized crime known as "prevailing wage," then don't even think about any of these extortion attempts.

When the leftists propose any scam concerning taxes, they only have one outcome as their goal:  squeezing more money out of a middle class that cannot afford it.  This is no different than that.

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